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Gaming System has me stumped H170 Gaming Pro

Level 7
Hey all,

I'll start with my PC specs:

i7 6700
32GB Kingston Fury Memory
RTX 3050
Asus H170 Pro Gaming
A bunch of SSD's, M.2 and 2 Spinning Drives

The issue started a few days ago. I was playing AOE4, told me my GPU drivers out of date. I updated and continued using my PC just fine. Next day, PC booted and rebooted. Thinking it was just doing some background updating I walked away and came back to a black screen(30 mins later). I restarted the PC, got to the login screen, type my password, hit enter then black screen, no signal. Rebooted, same deal. Reboot into safe mode, no dramas. Uninstall GPU driver and roll back, no luck. Pull the then GPU(GTX 970) out and run off onboard, no dramas. Uninstall and clean drivers using DDU. Reinstall drivers, after reinstalling GPU, black screen.

I pull the GPU out, put it in my second PC, no dramas, works just fine. Bring it back, no signal. I format the computer, boot up, works fine for about 10 mins then gone again. Went to the shop and bought an RTX 3050. Thought problem solved. System crashed, no display while trying to bring the a minimized tab up. Memtest, 3 passes, no issues. Windows memtest, pass no dramas. Format the SSD, fresh install. Problem persist. Thinking its the SSD(6 years old), I get a new SSD, install and system was fine for a few hours. Went to load up 3D Mark, ran just fine, finished, looked good. Went to run the 2nd test, no signal. Reboot, working fine. Went to install a piece of software(Zonealarm), as soon as the screen dimmed to show the usual Windows allow access dialog, black screen, no signal.

I'm stumped. There is 0 sag in the GPU, however I can't rule out my GTX970 didn't already bend the socket. RAM passes, new GPU, new SSD. New fresh OS, all other drives disconnected. I don't get any BSoD. Just a black screen, I can't seem to bring back without rebooting. Nothing in event log persistent with the crash, only the forced reboot.

Any ideas? I did once get a BSoD with the GTX970 while trying to diagnose, it was a watchdog error.

Please, anybody, HELP!!!

Edit: I just installed CS:GO. Menu was fine, selected a game. As soon as it was going to load the map and render, screens turned off. I had headphones on however. The system is NOT crashing. I can still hear the game, I can still shoot, I can move etc but cannot see anything. Again, brand spanking new GPU. This to me sounds like a potential power issue... One thing I noticed when the screens turned off was the sound of a device being connected and windows playing that particular tone...