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Gaming chair recommendations

Level 10
Ok so this is TECHNICALLY a hardware question but I need a recommendation for a good chair to sit in for hours at a time, perferably with good support so my legs don't fall asleep or my back decides to play the fatigue game after 2 hours of fallout 4.

Currently I'm looking at the Tempurpedic line from Staples because memory foam is super comfy, and ergonomic is great for the back. But I'm not to keen on the external material (pleather, mesh) as that has a tendency to wear down and flake in 2 years.

If money was no object I'd blow the 20K on an MWE lab Emperor and call it a day, but no ones made a 51" 5120X2180 monitor and that thing would be subject to multiple upgrades as it is a crazy full desk replacement. This crazy thing:

The racing gaming chairs are ok (I guess) but I don't feel an appeal to them as I don't really play racing games.

So yeah I'm looking for a great chair that can fit under a desk, preferably with a zero-gravity recline feature as I now have an AVEGANT GLYPH for watching movies.

Level 14
more of a gaming chair?
office chair kind of chair?
AK racing have some good one, but premium cost's a bit TBH.
i sit in this close to 6 hours straight and no problem.

Level 10
More of an office chair. The Racing Chair design doesn't really focus on lumbar support. If I had a priority list this would be the order:

Back support

But something more professional looking would be appreciated. Also I'm American. so some sites won't work shipping wise.

The X rocker looks pretty good. I'll consider those two suggestions and look to see if there's one with a base for the 4.1 version.

Did you ever make your decision? I've been going through the options on this guide:

Think I'm leaning towards a Herman Miller... not really gaming-specific, but everyone swears by them. They're so darn expensive, though, and there aren't any used ones on Craigslist where I live at the moment.

Just curious what you ended up picking and if it was worth it.

Level 13
Best advice I can give you is dont by one online on specs and looks alone. I made that mistake once, spent nearly 2K on a chair I friggin hated! My father in law sat it in and liked is so I sent it home with him. I ended up several moths later sitting in one at an office supply store that is not one of the chains. They have all high end stuff. Sat in every chair they had and the one I bought just fit me like a glove. Nothing special in the way it looks, under $300 but it just had my name written all over it. The only way to know for sure is to find one and plant yourself in it. Im the same way with shoes. Sales people tell you Oh they will break in. I say bool sheet. If it doesnt feel good from the first time I put it on Im not buying. My wife goes the other direction when she hears Im shoe shopping. Last time I know I went to at least a dozen stores and first had to find something that didnt look totally repulsive and glow in the dark then once that was narrowed down Id try them on. Same goes for chairs, if you want something comfortable you need to try it on.

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JustinThyme wrote:
Same goes for chairs, if you want something comfortable you need to try it on.

I second this. I've sat in some of the "gaming" chairs and wasn't impressed. I went to Staples and sat in some of the chairs and found one for <$200. I thought I'd like a big leather executive chair but it turns out I preferred a light breathable mesh chair.
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Well, this thread is a bit of a mess.

I've had to do a lot of research on this not too long ago since my own sweet office chair has finally given out on me and I started gaming a lot more recently.

Basically, gaming chairs are gaming chairs, because they are made for gamers in one way or another.

But first, there is the question on what kind of gaming chair do you need? One for big TV screen or for PC gaming? For consoles it's like some guys here mentioned X Rockers and similar gaming chairs with speakers. For PC gaming it's the ones like office chairs just with a high-back and a lot of other things that make you really comfortable in them even if you spend all day sitting.

To make it simpler an example of an ideal high-end gaming chair would be:

1) very comfortable;
2) ergonomically designed with lumbar and head support cushions (so you don't develop a back or neck pain);
3) reclines with a degree locking function (so you can nap in it without falling over and adjust how much you want it to recline);
4) would have breathable material and certain kind of padding (so you wouldn't become uncomfortable sitting in it for half a day);
5) little pads to rest the feet on or even an extendable footrest;
6) tilting function, to adjust your sitting position;
7) adjustable armrests, ideally 4D (you could lift it to match your arm height, make it wider, swivel it inside or outside etc.);
😎 look good;
9) fit you like a glove in size;
10) quality, will hold you forever and a day;
11) etc.

I just summarized the things I've learnt when I was looking for a gaming chair. If you'd like you can go into details on blog, that's where all this info comes from and you can get some recommendations on what the best gaming chairs are currently and why!

P.S. What I just described in this number list happens to be a DXRacer 😄 Many people hate on them because they buy the wrong size and it doesn't fit them. Every series is made for a different range of weights and heights so it is easy to get the wrong one if you do not check the size chart.
If you don't want a gaming chair at least get a chair that's designed ergonomically, that way you should avoid the health issues.

Hope this helps!