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Games crashes

Level 7

Hi, I've ran into problems with my games crashing after +-30 minutes of playing, my temperatures are fine and my specs are 4080 super, 14900k, 64gb 6200mhz corsairs rams and z790 plus wifi motherboard (all OC), I've seen some advice for changing to xmp in bios which is already set on xmp1, there is option for xmp2 and i don't know if I can switch to that to try if that works, or any advice for what could be causing the crashes, thanks. update:temps of cpu are crazy high without overclock



if you've got overclocks going on, I think the first step is to remove the overclocks entirely and try that out. If things work fine then apply one overclock at a time until it crashes-- that way you can find which component OC may be causing the issue.

Thank you for reply but the oc isn't even applied to anything yet, and yet the cpu is running at 100 degrees Celsius after a while of playing new games and most likely causing the game freeze and crash, I also have one of the best coolings possible noctua d15s so I don't understand why this is happening 😞

The 14900k can run hot since it’s a pretty high end chip! Does your CPU get hot enough that it has to throttle the performance down, or is it able to maintain high clocks still?


you could try individually stressing the CPU to see how it performs as well


XMP is overclocking, you need to remove this to ascertain whether the overclock is unstable.
Clear CMOS, leave at Optimised Defaults and retest.

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