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G75vw gpu upgrade

Level 7
I have read q out and seen many upgrades completed so Well i waitied long enough, after reading Every article that the entire WWW has I bought a gtx860m for my Asus ROG G75VW! if anyone out there has any interest in aiding me I would be willing to offer payment anyways I have a gtx860m on hand and I am about to start doing the chassis mods required, I however do not know how to edit the bios to insert the 860m into the Main bios file, or how to modify the graphics driver that I have read I will need. I did find a neat little program that fixes the Error 45 issue with a simple click and the ram as well, Sooo If anyone out there that understands the ins and outs of editing bios files for the g75vw to begin with that would be a great help, i can upload the required files, ther eis a online repository of vbois files i grabbed the gtx860m from so i dont need it running to get that. Thanks

Asus ROG G75VW


32gigs ram

2 250gig SSD's