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G752VY 4K monitor on Thunderbolt USB-C

Level 7
Hello everyone,
I first time have connected a 4K 60hz monitor to my G752VY Thunderbolt USB-C port by using DisplayPort to USB-C Thunderbolt 3 4K 60hz supported cable.
I am experiencing intermittent blackouts. While watching or not doing anything simply randomly it blacks out, shows the connectivity type of the monitor which is DP then it comes back again. It is one of a kind most annoying thing I am experiencing. It doesn't do it oh HDMI to HDMI (which dont support 4K on 60hz, 30hz only on hdmi. Also it doesn't do it when I use DP to MINI DP cable to connect to the mini display port on the laptop with 4k 60hz settings.

Does anyone has any similar or other experience with USB-C monitor connectivity, could be issues or no issues all positive?