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G750JM Laptop Replacement?

Level 7

I have had this laptop for quite a few years and love the durability of it (except the power jack). Am not a serious gamer but would like to buy another ROG laptop. It has trated me very well. Ideally 17" screen. Suggestions on what to consider model wise? For every article I find stating one model is great, I find another article dissing it.

Wisdom appreciated.

16G ram and ideally 32 if not crazy priced and a 1T SSD.

I dont care about weight of it.


A lot of it is going to come down to your budget. There are a few ROG lines that might fit the bill (Strix, Zephyrus) but a lot of variations depending on budget and performance. The Strix G17 comes in a 17" size with 1080p resolution which is good. As the native resolution goes up it gets harder to render and more taxing on the GPU. 15" is ideal for 1080p, IMO, but you can look at your existing 17" screen and decide if you want high pixel density or not.

Also, don't disregard the TUF line. It's not ROG but if you want to save a few bucks you may be able to get similar specs for a bit less.

I would look at the articles you are reading in more detail. WHY do they like or dislike it? If the thing they like or dislike is something you also care about then consider it. If they are talking about something that doesn't matter to you (for example: battery life but you never use yours unplugged) then give it less weight. If what you're reading just says a product is great or sucks and doesn't explain why then it's just a bad article and should be disregarded.
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Thx for the input. I am more concerned about a reliable platform....keyboard, motherboard etc so it lasts more that 2 years.