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G20CB Is Compatible with 7700k?

Level 7
Hi! I bought 7700k but it doesn't work. It comatible with G20CB?

Level 9
It's an H170 board which supposedly should allow a 7th gen. The H170 doesn't allow for an OC which the k skew get's most of it's benefit from. You can still bclk I believe but not sure. Have you updated the BIOS? there is a new one that came out two day's ago, none of the updates mention 7th gen compatibility. Considering this is an AIO tower I don't think it's geared towards tinkerers so it might take them a bit to catch up on BIOS, that is considering the newest BIOS doesn't already work.

The latest BIOS/UEFI is 2101 released feb 7th 2017

update that with your previous cpu in place then try the swap again.

Level 7
anyone have a list of compatible cpu's for this pc? i am thinking of buying one that has a 6700 in it. i would like to know the best cpu i can upgrade it to. would a standard 7700 work? or a 7600 i5 which would most likely give me better results for gaming (vs a 6700).
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