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Formula X Fails to setup Raid 0 Boot

Level 7
I'm trying to create a raid 0 Boot with two 960 nvme m.2 drives, the bios creates the raid no problem but windows install never picks up on it.

1) turned on intel rst
2) created the raid
3) turned off csm
4) turned on uefi under secure boot
5) used rufus to create a usb for installing windows 10 ( both drives where set to gpt before raid setup ) with gpt partition for uefi fat 32 and ntfs ( both didn't matter when testing )
6) when searching for drivers for the win install i used the latest version f6flpy-x64 from intel

I can't think of anything that i could be doing wrong and given that this motherboard was just released about a week ago I can't help but think there is something else going on thats out of my control.

rst raid drivers in the bios is ( not sure but i think those might be dated now )
after a quick search it looks like past versions had similar issues

(1804687112 With RAID & RST Controller enabled, some NVMe devices can't be detected. windows.10_rs1.x64)

Anyways if I missed something please let me know its killing me having these two amazing m.2 drives and not being able to use them as my main C:\ drive.

Level 7
Bump for any news or info on this topic.