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For a 4080 S with a Rog Thor 1 power supply

Level 10

What do you recommend for a future 4080 super graphics card, with a 1200 W Rog Thor 1 power supply ?  

I have heard everywhere on the web that the Rog Thor 1 power supply does not have a compatible cable for this graphics card, but that there is an adaptation.
Will I need to buy an adaptive cable for the 4080 super graphics card ?
Because, I have the 2x8 pin for the graphics card series 10, 20, 30.



Hello dubignyp

If you are referring to the ROG Thor 1200p, then it does not come with the new 16-pin cable.

Your 4080 super will come with a 3 x 8-pin adapter cable, so it will be operational out of the box.

The 3 x 8-pin adapter cable is bulky and not very attractive, to make the power connection look nicer you can get a 3 x 8-pin extension cable.

My psu doesn't have the new 16-pin power cable either, so I went with this extension from cablemod, there are different lengths and colors. CableMod RT-Series ModMesh Sleeved 12VHPWR StealthSense PCI-e Cable for ASUS/Seasonic/Ph...



So if I understood correctly:

Currently I have the regular graphics card cable that connects 2x8 to the graphics card then 1x8 (300W) to the power supply.

A 4080 adapter cable will be provided and therefore it will be 3x8 instead of 1x8 on the power supply, then connected to 1x12 on the 600W graphics card ?

On the previous post I marked 1x16 no I was wrong the graphics card is 1x12 for the new 600W standard.

In the image currently my 3060 Ti is connected to the green rectangle.

So you are saying that the red rectangle will be occupied for the new 4080 S graphics card ?

The two pink rectangles are occupied for 2x CPU and 1x support for 60W to the motherboard.