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first time build with questions

Level 7

hello all I am new here and have questions so my build includes.

strix Z790 E gaming wifi 6e

i9 13900k cpu

team group vengance 5200 32 gb

samsung 980 pro m.2 pci-e4

noctua nh-d15 chromemax black 2 fan air cooler

all is running fine my question for those of you more versed in pc things is I ran cinebench R23 and hw something monitor to show cpu temps and so on the test showed cpu at 99c  p cores showed max of 

5500 but test showed 5100 the e cores showed a max of 4300 the test showed 4100 so my question is the 

p and c cores being throttled and is 99c to hot for this cpu and is the above air cooler okay for this cpu

the cinebench r23 test showed a 37430 points can someone explain if this is good or bad?

thanks for anyone able to clarify this for me







Hello old1

Do you have HWInfo installed? You can check to see what the Vcore is going to, you might be able to set a lower cpu voltage which will help lower temps.

If it passes cinebench, I'd consider it stable and see what temps are when using your pc normally, playing a game would be a good temperature test. 

The 13900k runs hot, a 360mm radiator is recommended for cooling it. You do have the best air cooler, so I would expect temps to be ok with normal use.

What are maximum temps when playing a game?


I cannot find that wording in cpuid hw monitor but something told me to uninstall the air cooler and i discovered in center from top to bottom thermal paste pretty much gone i also checked screws holding mounting plate for air cooler all were loose are tight now a rookie mistake reapplied thermal paste re installed cooler and reran cinebench now hottest cpu was 92c and all package temps for p core at 92c that was max temp for the 10 minute stress test.

not sure how to lower voltages as this is more involved than i have gotten into appreciate your input am thinking the air cooler doing some games will be okay but is there a free game download that can run while i have the hw program running to see how temps are doing? for this last test I had set default limits  in bios that intel enforces

Good to see you were able to get temps down.

Epic gives away a free game every week, a good free one to test with is Destiny 2.

Free Games | Download A Free PC Game Every Week - Epic Games Store

Here is a screenshot of my Hwinfo with the Vcore, you want to check the maximum column.