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First pc build (Advice on Component Compatibility)

Level 7
Hi guys. I'm new hear and new to pc building. I'v chosen the components I like. I'm really hear for ur advice on the build as I have little knowledge and really want this to be a rock solid build!

The system will be for high end competitive gaming mostly but there will be some video editing, photo shop and music production done as a hobby/pass time. I'm not looking to compromise on gaming performance. Hears the hardware.

Motherboard (Asus maximus vi formula)
Processor (i7 4770k)
RAM (Corsair dominator 32Gb 1866mhz)
GPU (Asus R.O.G Poseidon GTX 780)
Sound card (Asus phoebus)
SSD (Corsair force GT 240Gb x2)
HDD (2Tb Seagate barracuda)
Case (Corsair obsidian 750D)
PSU (Corsair AXI 760w)
Drive bay (Asus front base) when will this be released?
Drive bay (nmedia lcd-pro)
Optical drive (External Asus blu ray writer)
Cables (Corsair red PSU cable kit)
Fans (Corsair sp120 and sp140's) x8 in preparation for later water cooling. One 360rad in Top. one 280rad in Front. one 240rad Bottom. I'll get back to use for advice at a later date though as after this build is complete with air I will be looking to optimize and stress test the system extensively (with ur help and advice I hope) before any water cooling and overclocking.

Can my cash be better spent on a mostly gaming machine?

Are all components compatible? Are there better options?

Will my psu handle the system plus monitor, keyboard water pump etc? Would I need a bigger psu to go SLI when next gen nvidia top tear cards are available?
Has anyone ever used the nmedia LCD-pro? I want to be able to use my system like a hi-fi/DVD player (with a remote for music and video viewing and control. I can't really find any products that meet my needs hear the LCD-pro is just an example of the kind of thing i want any suggestions?

I'll add more questions later finding it hard to keep track of what I'm writing as I'm on my phone. Thanks in advance guys!

Level 10
are you sure the board is called Maximus IV Formula, and not the V Formula or VI Formula or even the Rampage IV Formula, cause i tried searching, was gonna check your cpu socket to make sure they matched and i just cant find the Maximus IV Formula lol

besides that you got a pretty good rig going, i personally would probly step the power supply up so you have a little headroom, i see you got many additions like card readers and fans and eventually water cooling and such and as i said i personally would wanna be sure i wasent taxing the PSU
CoolerMaster HAF 932 Advanced/ Maximus VI Formula/ I7-4770K/Swiftech H320/ Corsair HX850/ G.Skill Trident X (2x8) 16gb 2400MHz/ 2x 840 EVO 120gb(Raid 0)/ WD 1TB HDD (Backup/Storage)/ EVGA GTX 1gb 560 TI/ Asus 12x bluray combo

Level 7
Thanks for reply. Yeh ur right it's the maximus vi formula with water cooling build in although I will be upgrading to full water blocks at a later date for this board. I do not understand why Asus has only water cooled half the board. For the PSU would the 1200w AXI be future proof as i do plan on going SLI when nvidia release their next gen gpu's. For my single gpu system would it be worth holding of for R.O.G 780ti Poseidon. I know the performance between 780ti's will be similar regardless of manufacturer (there just isn't a smarter card iv seen and the looks are a big part for me) but what about 780 vs 780ti. Worth the weight? Thanks

Level 10
1200w should be plenty, as for the water cooling, EK makes a maximus vi formula board set thatll give you a vrm block and a chipset block

as for 780 to 780 ti im not sure, either one be good i know that much lol

and since the boards straight id say earlier you said you dont wanna sacrifice gaming but you use photoshop and all that, if thats the case you may wanna step up the MHz photoshop and other programs will make use of it, games not so much altho some game will sometime show improvement, size is ultimately up to you but unless you running virtual boxes and doing photo shop and all that you shouldnt need 32, 16 would most likely be fine maybe even still a bit more then needed, if you are doing those then by all means 32 it up lol

haswells are touchy on ram so if your overclocking sometimes you cant go as high when overclocking the ram, some dont have the issue tho

also always get a single packaged kit, meaning they have all been tested together, if its 32GB then a single package that has 4x8GB stick, if its 16GB then a single package with 2x8GB sticks

also just so ya know the VI Formula only supports 2-way SLI, Quad SLI (2 physical cards 4 GPU's) and 2-3 way crossfire

when using sli tho the other pci-e x16 lanes will not be able to be used anymore, i cant remember if they shut off totally of if they get knocked to a x1 electrical but the board say it only supports the 16 so id guess they go off lol

the pci-e x1 lanes shouldnt be effected to my knowledge
CoolerMaster HAF 932 Advanced/ Maximus VI Formula/ I7-4770K/Swiftech H320/ Corsair HX850/ G.Skill Trident X (2x8) 16gb 2400MHz/ 2x 840 EVO 120gb(Raid 0)/ WD 1TB HDD (Backup/Storage)/ EVGA GTX 1gb 560 TI/ Asus 12x bluray combo

Yeh the EK blocks the one. I'm going to just go with 780 n I'll go SLI next gen gpu's. Photoshop etc is something I do very occasionally to be honest considering this could I drop the ram to 16gb and still have satisfying performance if I buy 2100+ ram?

U said haswells are touchy with high ram frequencys. Do u mean with overclocked ram only or if I buy 2100+ mhz ram would this out of the box high frequency limit my CPU's overclocking headroom aswell? Good advice on the ram kits aswell thanks.

I think I heard haswell runs better with a good CL? Cl 9 9 9 24 is the quickest? The higher the frequency the worse the timings?

lol 2 way sli would be my limit I think.

Ur saying the pciex16 slots turn off or perhaps they get dropped down to x1. That's got me worried about my sound card does that use these x16 slots, if not shut off completely (down to x1) could my sound card work without a loss in quality/ reliability?

Thanks for all ur help so far Tokens210 very helpfull rep up!

Level 14
look at the aquaero6 fan controller and see what you think of that, get a inline probe to monitor temp on the water.
heres an example of what i mean ->
what sort of pump are you thinking of??

I had my eye on the aquaro6 myself nice bit of kit but then I stumbled across the Asus front base which I think looks awesome has temp probes and ties in with my r.o.g stuff. I'm still undecided the aquero6 can handle 6 fans (3 on 360rad exhaust 2 on 280rad intake and 140mm intake fan back of case) and spares me one of my 3 drive bay slots. Where as the front base takes up 2 bays but can only handle 3 or 4 fans (it's not released so can't find definite answers) but has the one touch 2 stage overclocking ability (3.5ghz base clock, one touch, 1 step, 4ghz, second touch, second step 4.5ghz) which I think is really awesome 3.5ghz for web browsing, 4ghz for games like cod, battlefield etc, 4.5ghz for video editing, Photoshop and games like crisis 3 and metro 2033. Both overclocking stages can be custom overclocked and saved. The Asus front base would force me to use a external blu ray writer which I would rather not do but I can't see past the convenience, power saving, one touch performance and extended component life due to only overclocking when necessary. If u or anyone knows of a alternative way (drive bay or not) to overclock at the touch of a button please let me know becouse I would really like to have my 3 drive bays for three different devices (Asus blu ray writer, aquaro6 and some kind of media center device. Any ideas on good media center devices guys? I'm struggling to find any, one with a remote to control dvds and music would be great.

Level 10
With the cpu and ram overclocking i mean if your overclocking the cpu and every cpu is different it may limit you from what the board says it can do ram wise like the maximus VI Formula supports up to like 3000MHz but i wouldnt just expect that to runif ur doing overclocking, again it may but there all different

also im not suggesting that fast, if you going 16gb 2x8 stick then id think you can get 2133MHz maybe even 2400MHz sticks, in corsiars tho they are pricey but gskill has some as well, as for the notice in performance, photoshop and things like that will see a better increase, games and such will still run just like they would with 1866, some games may even see a small increase

as for your question about timing, ideally you want the higher MHz but with the lowest CL

your sound card is a pci-e x1 i believe,in which case i dont believe it would be effected
PCI-E x16 = long slots
PCI-E x1 = short ones

as for the kits suggestion, it has to do with the cpu as well, on these boards sometime you cant just buy one kit then buy another later, youll end up with issues, so you need to buy a single kit so you know its been tested to work together, and most companies will have a warranty on the kits incase you get a bad stick in which case return the whole kit if the seller doesnt say that to you from the gate

as for the kit size suggestion, thats for less stress on the memory controller, 2x8gb would be better then 4x4gb
CoolerMaster HAF 932 Advanced/ Maximus VI Formula/ I7-4770K/Swiftech H320/ Corsair HX850/ G.Skill Trident X (2x8) 16gb 2400MHz/ 2x 840 EVO 120gb(Raid 0)/ WD 1TB HDD (Backup/Storage)/ EVGA GTX 1gb 560 TI/ Asus 12x bluray combo

Level 9
Are you water Cooling the board for looks? You almost never get performance gains from a cooled mobo as the components are made to withstand stupid Temps. For example the mosfet typically can go to 150 degrees operating temps.

Also, one touch overclocking is not overclocking
.... I would say it's more overvolting and over temping(bad) ...... Just post back when you want to overclock and either nate or one of the other many posters here will comment.
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Level 7
I will be water cooling board for looks. The one touch overclocking on the front bay has 2 overclocking presets (which I won't be using) I believe that u can manually overclock to say 4ghz in the bios and save it as my first touch profile and then I can manually do a 4.5ghz in the bios and save as my second touch profile. I might be wrong but if I can't manually overclock and utilise the Asus front bay then that's a deal breaker.