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First Build - Need lots of help.

Level 7
Hi there,

I'm really hoping that someone can help me. Starting to get sick of asking people. Just want to get on with this project. Just watched another Asus review on youtube by JJ, heard at the end the name of this forum, so here i am!

Right. for 7+ years iv used the same pc. Every time i want to build a new one, a bill / debt comes up and this gets put to the side. (Sure a few of you can relate). I recently got a bit of cash and put it straight into my savings! As i really need a new pc. I do graphic design, web design and loads of other media related subjects. (Cinema 4D, Photoshop etc). So i really need a pc that can handle those applications and perform better than my current setup.

My Current pc spec:
AMD 3200+ (Single Core 2Ghz)
3 gb of ram.
Radeon PCI-e 4650 HD Graphics.
Dual screen. 2X Acer P193W. Widescreen VGA.
240gb internal sata hdd.
1 TB external WD hdd.
Oh, and not forgetting my Razer Mamba mouse (But can't run the software as it crash's my pc! lol)

My Planned Build:

Anyway, i found this, what do you think?
Motherboard / CPU / Ram: Deal.
This deal seems like the best option for me, but will the below psu do for it?

I also looked at the Sabertooth Z77 and the Asus Crosshair Formula, but they are a bit more expensive than the Sabertooth 990FX.

PSU: Corsair GS700 80 PLUS Certified 700w.
Will this be sufficiant for the Sabertooth 990FX ??

I already have a case ( ). Will that all fit and work with the above pc?

And i was just going to stick my current HDD and Graphics card into the new mobo, if that will work?

I am very sorry for the many questions i have, but i really don't want to mess this up as it means a great deal to me.

I really hope someone can help, Thanks.


Level 16
Welcome to the ROG forum!

Not sure about the prices but that combo you linked in sounds pretty nice... Your Cooler Master Mystic 631 can house ATX mobs, so yes, the Sabertooth 990FX will fit (it's an ATX).

Based on your future usage, you may need more memory... - maybe start with 16GB and later on you can upgrade (anyway, will be a huge difference from 3GB). Not sure about your HDD, but you should consider an SSD for the operating system and your softwares... An SSD makes a wonder with Photoshop... :cool: i would go with an SSD around 120-256GB, you do have to leave some space free in order to maintain the speed and lifetime - so just keep your HDD as data storage. Also, you could install a small SSD for a scratch disk... 20-30GB, depending on the file sizes you work with...

In order to figure out the PSU size, we need more detailed data... All the components which needs power should be listed here... starting with the VGA... then fans, and so on...

Level 40
Hey There!:) this is quite a good tool to give you an idea of what power supply you need:

But Pay attention to the part labeled "ATTENTION"

Just a quick update, i see a couple of you have replied, and im grateful for that. Been very busy with college work over the past couple of days, il try n read over your feedback and reply soon.

Thanks again.

You can also check out this Cooler Master Power Calculator for more information about the power requirements for your build.

Level 7
Hi there!

Your combo looks pretty good. But, like Zka17 posted before, you should look into investing on a SSD, it'll do wonders. If you decide to stick with your current graphics card, I think the PSU should be fine, although I suggest getting a 800-850W PSU instead, in case of future upgrades.
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