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Fans turning off by themselves

Level 9
I have 2 fans turning off by themselves causing crashes. 1 fan is for the CPU. It'll stop completely causing PC to crash with a warning on restart that the CPU overheated.
The other fan stopping is the exhaust fan on the Fan1 outlet on the motherboard.
The CPU fan is Cooler Master that came with the Wraith Spire. The exhaust fan is NZXT that came with the case.
I dont know how to stop these fans from turning off while the PC is running and making it crash. Also, it seems to happen in the morning after 1st start up of the day and then after that it operates fine the rest of the day.

Im using BIOS version: 2501 x64
Im using that BIOS version because my hardware is older(2700x Ryzen CPU) but Im not married to it if someone has a better working BIOS version.