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Fan advice

Level 8
I've got a Coolermaster H500P case with 2 front fans and 1 back fan and a H115i cooler in my Maximus X Hero. I've had it set up for almost a week playing and tweaking with it. It runs just fine but I can't leave good enough alone.
I have the front and back fans on a splitter running together and Qfan turned off. I'm not curious if have the fans together is a dumb move. Its silent AF but I wonder if this is not the best setup for me. Should I have each fan on it's on? This MB has enough fan headers so what's the consensus of the geniuses on this great forum?

Level 14
as long as the fan power output is under 1A total you are all good.

Level 7
Are they PWM (4 pin) or DC (three pin)? If all three fans are identical, it's not much of an issue. For PWM fans they take the tach reading from one fan and send the PWM signal equally to all on the splitter. I personally would have them broken up by location (front, back, and AIO [or CPU/Alt] for the cooler. then you can adjust as necessary to achieve optimum pressure differential. But it's really just for playing around with the fan curve in FanXpert. Sounds nice to hear the fans start cranking up when doing benchmarks, etc...