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External LCD Hardware monitor for Z790 Maximum Hero

Level 7
Back in times in 2015 I bought an Asus MB with an external LCD OC Panel. It was amazing and I used it a lot until today. This one:

Now I'm building a new system based on Z790 Maximum Hero on Intel 13900KF and I would love to have and LCD panel with CPU speed, temp, fan speed.

To be honest I would prefer a native ASUS LCD or a lightweight one, something that doesn't use a lot of system resources.

I have a few questions:

  • Is there a new LCD Panel compatible with Z790? I can't find it.
  • Should I use AIDA64? Are there any other ways?
  • Does AIDA64 works only after windows boot or even during POST - BIOS? It was really helpful for me to get booting status on the LCD Panel.
  • Should I pay around 60$ every year to use AIDA64? Is there a free way?
  • If AIDA64 is the best way, can you suggest a mid-range compatible external LCD that does not require additional software (only aida64)?

Thank you