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External fan controller & temp monitor

Level 10
Hey I was looking for this but I am not really convinced with the display. Is there any other products other that Sentry series which have Cool display & CPU core temp monitor?

Level 15
The only other dual bay fan controller that comes to mind is the AeroCool Touch 2000 and the AeroCool V12XT. But if you're just looking for a touch screen fan controller you can look into the Bitfenix Recon or the Lamptron Touch. Lamptron released a new one recently which I like very much because it can control pumps, fans and even flow meters. I think it's the CW611.

Level 10
Hey thanks for the reply Chino.. I wasn't looking for Dual bay exactly..But Aerocool products are really cool & have organized display better than Sentry series I think...I will look for them if they are available in India.Lamptron products have better display than AeroCool but I think it won't beavailable in my country..Will see if I can get it from a online dealer who can ship to India...that CW611 model is way cooler than anything I have seen Thanks!!