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EVGA 1080ti FTW3 displayport 1.4 problems

Level 7
System Specs:
Z270 ASUS ROG Maximus IX Hero Z270 / QCODE is the normal AO (when PC is restarted)
7700k CPU
1080ti FTW3 with firmware version
16gb Corsair 3000mhz LPX memory
Samsung 960 EVO 250gb
Kraken x62 CPU AIO
windows 10 Pro 64bit

Greetings everyone!

So I bought my EVGA 1080ti FTW 3 back in July of 2017. I run it stock and I never ran into any problems until I upgraded from a 1080p monitor to a 27" 1440p, and then a 38" ultrawide (3840x1600). Here is what happened:

Monitor upgrade #1. I bought an LG 27850G 1440p with g sync compatibility. My second monitor is a plain Asus VS228H-P 21.5":

So when I boot up my computer, the LG27850G shows there's no input and that it will go on power save mode or something. The ASUS ROG logo doesn't show. The screen is black and it takes a few seconds and it eventually boots up. Now the VGA white LED light on the ASUS mobo is on. The monitor is automatically set to displayport 1.4 for some reason, even though 1.2 is good enough for 1440p@ 144hhz. So what I did is I change the setting on my monitor from displayport 1.4, to 1.2. I reboot my system and my system boots up like normal and the VGA white LED light is now off. FYI the system seems like it runs normal on displayport 1.4, but it boots weird.

So I gave my brother my LG 27850G and upgraded to an LG 38GL950. So here's the real issue

Monitor upgrade #2: LG 38GL950 ultrawide 3840x1600 with a g sync module Displayport 1.4 only. My second monitor is stll the plain Asus VS228H-P 21.5":

So when I first booted up the system, the monitor showed No input and that it will go on power save mode. The screen turns black and there's no ASUS ROG logo. And nothing happens, it's just black. The VGA white LED light is on, on the ASUS mobo. I did some research and someone suggested I boot to the bios on my second monitor, and go to the PCH/PCI configuration and set the PCIE option from auto to gen3. This worked. The monitor still showed No input and that it was going to power save mode, no ASUS ROG logo, but it booted to windows. The white VGA LED light on the asus mobo is still on. I have a few questions below. I appreciate any help you guys can give me. Thanks in advance!

1. I came across a post about a DisplayPort 1.3/1.4 firmware update here:

Here is the update itself:

From what I read it's an easy installer. But some things I read on the thread above has me worried. Some say it could change your video card settings (Mines I always ran stock), some say it might affect performance or clockspeeds etc...

But a few people said this is just a displayport 1.3/1.4 update and it updates just that. The thread is old from 2018. Can someone give me more of a clear answer?

2. I read somewhere that if I make any type of GPU firmware update, I need to make a backup copy of my current firmware. I'm new to this, can someone explain how I can do this? If there's a youtube video with step by step instructions, that would be great, too. Do I need to do this? Can I just use the installer? EDIT: I read I just use GPUZ from the techpowerup site and save the bios from GPUZ. But then how do I install it if something goes wrong? It's a .rom file. And is this all I have to do?

3. If something does go wrong when upgrading the 1.3/1.4 displayport in the firmware, I read that my videocard has dual bios? A master and a slave? I could just switch over to the slave correct? But I read the fans won't stop spinning in this mode.

4. I read somewhere about having to worry about a primary and a slave on the GPU or something like that? Do I need to worry about that?

5. So my normal firmware version is (Not talking about the 1.3/1.4 displayport firmware update). Do I need to update to a newer firmware? I got this link below from the EVGA forum but people were saying its not an official EVGA firmware and it was profiles made by other people, and that it shouldn't be installed. I'm really new to this, so would my current version + the 1.3/1.4 displayport firmware update be good enough?

6. What would happen if I just left my system as is with the VGA white led light on? And would that led light eventually burn out and affect my system?

Thanks everyone who took the time out of their day/night to help me out. I appreciate any help you can give me. Thank you in advance!