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Enter setup to recover BIOS settings?

Level 7

I have been pullling my hair out trying to resolve this which has occurred over the past week. 

When I boot up the PC,  there is the following error: ‘Enter setup to recover BIOS settings’. I then have to proceed by pressing F1 to enter the BIOS then F10 to save- the PC then boots in to Windows. I am having to repeat the same process every time I power up & boot up the system (same error will not post when I just ‘restart’ PC in windows..only when turning off power at the mains and powering on and rebooting).

I have replaced the CMOS battery & the issue still persists. Reseated all components too with no joy. Interestingly, the ‘Boot Configuration’ in the BIOS boot menu is greyed out.

I don’t know what else I can do. Any help will be appreciated.

my system is Win 11, i9 10850K processsor, Asus Z590-F mobo.


Level 8

It sounds like your BIOS settings might not be saving properly, which could be due to a few different reasons. My first suggestion was going to be to replace the CMOS battery, but you've already done that and I'm guessing it's a new battery. If it's an old battery borrowed from something else, try a new one. 

Another possibility is that the BIOS got corrupted somehow, which can cause issues such as you're experiencing. Try resetting the BIOS settings to their default values. This can usually be done by finding the option to "Load Defaults" or "Reset BIOS" within the BIOS setup utility. After resetting, make sure to save the changes and reboot.

The only other thing I can think of is to try updating the BIOS again. Download the latest version from the manufacturer website and install it. 

Hope these suggestions help! Good luck, and fingers crossed!