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E5 2697a Performance guide

Level 7
Are there any guides to getting the most out of the E5-2697a CPU. I put this chip in my Rampage 5 Extreme and have started messing with bios settings but I'm looking for an actual guide .

So far I have managed to get the processor to sit at 3.1 ghz with windows set to performance and it goes up to the maximum turbos upto the maximum turbo frequency of 3.6 ghz but will also target lower clocks for example 3400, 3500mhz .

I've run cinebench a few times with it set like this and it seems stable enough not to crash or fail .I haven't touched the blck but managed to change the c-state from c0-c1 to C2 and that allowed me to reach 3.6 ghz turbo on all 16 cores which is good.
However when it gets a heavy load like cinebench for example the clocks all drop to 2.9ghz

I do here some audio distortion tho for example open an app that requires admin privileges the tone sounds obviously distorted. I think I need to add some voltage but not sure where.

Thanks for any advice or guides I would appreciate it.

Ps this board had a 5820k in it it's whole life which was over locked to 4.4 ghz so running this locked CPU is a whole new deal for me.