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Dynamic contrast problem in GL503VM Asus Laptop!

Level 7
Hello. I've tried all solutions, but nothing helps. Also tried to contact with technical support twice, but they agreed with me, and can't help.

I got Asus Strix GL503VM laptop with Geforce 1060 GTX only, without Intel HD. My laptop screen changes dynamically contrast. It doesn't depends from environment and lightness. It depends what display shows. When dark and grey colors - contrast changes to washed and cooled colors, when white objects, contrast changes to better and sharp colors as should be all time. There is no option in software or bios to change dynamic contrast! No OSD! This is built in firmware feature.... I don't want to have auto contrast, it is ugly and got headaches.... Someone can help me? I tried Asus splendid, game center, visual games, nvidia configurations, monitor calibration in windows, installing windows again, tried to uninstall drivers and install old drivers from product official site, but nothing helps! Support said that this is firmware feature, so they can't do anything. I spent a lot of money to buy this premium product. Please help and sorry for my English. ASUS! Update BIOS to make configurable dynamic contrast!