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dream machine build

Level 7
Morning Ladies and Gentlemen

I'm working on a design for what will probably be my last big system. I've got a rough idea of what I want not sure all the parts will work together as desired.
It's been about 5-6 years since last build and the new pathing requirements was a complete surprise to me. I work on mainframes and keep current on them and have gotten behind on pc technology.

Here's the details:

Budget: $5000 U.S.

Main uses of intended build: dream machine

Parts required: Planed parts list is Mid tower case clear side panel,
Improved cooling at least double fan radiator, Geforce 1080 video,
Looking at 64 gig ram, planning on 40 path processor,
thinking about Intel i7-6950 on Asus x99-deluxe/3.1 usb
with M.2 ports for planning on M.2 SDD drives around 1 terra byte in raid 0
configuration for OS and other misc files backed up by NAS and cloud.
Planning on 1200 watt power supply. rather have too much than not enough.

Previous build information (list details of parts):
asus sabertooth z99 8 gig ram, i5-3450 @ 3.10 ghz,4 core, mid tower water cooling,
single fan radiator,
win 7 64 pro,1 gig lan port, 750 watt power supply,
1.9 terra bytes of disk, 2-750 gig drives, 1-465 gig,
gpu geforce gtx 970 8 gig video ram, display 1920x1080 at present,
present usage, world community grid computing, light gaming, and other home use.

Monitor resolution: 1920x1080 at present, plan to upgrade, haven't decided how much

Storage requirements: 1-2 terra bytes, much of storage will be on NAS.

Will you be overclocking: yes/no Haven't decided yet.

Any motherboard requirements at present using 8 usb, two V3 rest v2,
wanting more support for case fans, have eye on case with easy clean filters.
Have cats, nuff said.

Extra information about desired system: Planning on video capture and editing of old
family VHS tapes then burning to DVD or blue ray.

Present plan is turn older computer into server with nas for video,
photos and music for house hold.

Well that's the plan. How many holes do I have in it?


Mike Parkhill

Level 14
the m.2 drives you do not need to put in a raid, its fast enough how it is.
like the samsung 960 evo or pro is around 1800 write and 3400 read if i dont remember wrong.
so waste of monny and waste of space.
+ there is a no go on gething 2x m.2 slots on there in to raid.

Level 40
Yeah, the K man is right as usual...not much point in M2 raid only on X99 so not a bootable drive...

Best get a single 1Tb 960Pro as boot drive

Level 14
As both kkn and Arne state, X-99 is not compatible to raid nvme drives, only some Z-170 boards can do that. And they are correct, it is not needed, one Samsung 960 pro or evo equals 5 SSD's in raid 0.
I have a couple suggestions
a quality power supply, 1200 watt is good size, Corsair AX 1200i, EVGA, or Seasonic
RAM - Gskill 3200mhz CL14-14-14 one kit 32GB 4X8 or 64GB 8X8, these kits have proven to be the easiest to setup and run stable, not the cheapest but the best
I assume you will use Win 10 x64 pro for OS, if you are going to use Win 7 for your OS there are a couple steps need for installation
for cooling AIO cooling works very well up to mild overclocking and they are reliable, Corsair h115i, EK Predator, or equivalent
What USB devices you currently use play a part in this as many older USB devices are not compatible on new X-99 or Z-170 platforms without a firmware update and can cause issues.
Monitor resolution depends on your use and personal tast, I have several 4k monitors I use, my son has 2560x1440 for his gaming, a GTX 1080 may struggle a little gaming at 4k but I game some without issue using a GTX 1080 and would never go back to a lower resolution monitor, size is important, 27 inch up to 2560x1440, 32 inch 4k, I have one 28 inch 4k monitor and it is a little small for 4k resolution for me, there are several 4k tv's that are acceptable for monitors but not all and some people prefer a 40 inch tv panel for 4k viewing