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Does this sound like a DOA Board? ( Asus Maximus X Hero Wi-Fi)

Level 7
Hello, i have just begun and 8700k build and purchased an Asus Maximus X Hero from Amazon. The board arrived and i wanted to bread board the system but only have purchased this board and a case thus far.

Moving forward, i plugged the 24 pin connector in firmly and correct, 8 pin was plugged in as well(for sure not a PCIe 8 pin) I then plugged in the psu cable to the wall, flipped the switch from the o side to the "line" side and the rgb on the motherboard powered on, but any time I try powering the board on with the on board power switch or even the actual case switch, the mobo doesn't respond to either of those.No Fan spinning on PSU or light

Is the CPU required to power on your board and PSU? I read on a post that this WAS the case, but also watched a video on YouTube where someone was able to do exactly this, with no CPU and just the board and PSU so I am confused a little.Here is the video of him, although it's a different motherboard but an Asus one

The PSU is for sure functioning as it is in my current PC now as im typing this
It is an Apevia 1000w / 74amps to the 12v

Should I be worried this is DOA? Send it back to Amazon now while i'm in time frame?Any info is greatly appreciated

Level 13

A functional CPU is required for the board to receive a power OK signal to the VRM. Without that the board will not power up.

Level 13
Yep, gotta have CPU. Otherwise all you can do is look at lights and on some boards you can update the BIOS but thats as far as it goes. CPU post has to finish before you get power to VRM.

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