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Disk Upgrade?

Level 7
i currently have the stock Hdd and its a bit to slow for me. I also don't think i can afford an Sdd so as some one who is build ignorant i'm not sure what to look for. i want faster but affordable and i prefer to buy them from new egg.

i'm running a Asus G75vx notebook

i'm not sure if this will help and yes i know i have more ram than i should.i wanted to take out the 2, 4gig ram cards but the geek squad member said he could not find them.i have to have use bestbuy to install because if i do it my protection plan gets invalidated.


Any advice?

Level 16
As I said in your other thread: get a 128GB SSD... it should be enough for those task you have described... 128GB is not so expensive anymore...

Just have on the SSD your OS and the applications you use - it should be less than 70GB (SSDs need free space to keep their speed)... you can transfer the Documents, Pictures, Videos, etc folders on the HDD too...

Level 9
120GB Samsung EVO = $85
240GB Samsung EVO = $139 =

Both are SSDs.
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Level 11
The only way to get the improved performance you're looking for is with an ssd..
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