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Dark Hero motherboard rgb lights won't remain ON at shutdown

Level 7
My current setup is with this motherboard and the Ryuo AIO. The first time I turned on the power supply, motherboard lights and ryuo lights where on, even before I turned on the pc. With a quick search in the forum, I found out that this is normal. I also found that it can be turned off using the BIOS setting ErP Ready -> Enable (S4+S5). And that has been my setting for a while.

Now that I want to turn it back on. I tried changing this setting back to Disable. But now only the Ryuo lights remain on at shutdown. Motherboard lights turn off. I tried clearing the CMOS with the same results.

Anyone knows how to get the lights back on in the mobo when the pc is shutdown?

Note: They do work when the pc is on.

Level 7
remove gpu device , and check it again , remove ram modules and check it again. if possible remove processor , and reinsertwith good applied thermal paste , if possible add good Processor fan.

in many cases , loose connection cables are fault , faulty ram modules , or faulty GPU device.

dont overclock , keep only default settings in bios. if possible read user manual of MB see triubleshooting steps in user manual.

in my own single sided ram module does not compatible with double sided ram module supported motherboards
Intel i5 7200U_ Nvidia 940MX _Windows_11_Enterprise_64bit_22H2_buildno_22621.754