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Custom water cooling loop

Level 9

Hi guys,

I'm planning to build a custom water cooling (WC) loop in my new PC (see specs link in my signature). This'll be my first attempt to build a custom loop. I was thinking about this sequence:

From external WC (backside, top) → CPU → GPU → SSD 2 → SSD 1 → RAM → To external WC (backside top)

I think that I'll use these compression fittings:

CPU in: straight
CPU out to GPU: straight
GPU in: 90°
GPU out to SSD 2 (south of the GPU): 90°
SSD 2 in: straight
SSD 2 out to SSD 1: 45°
(tube snakes around the GPU's front to SSD1, which is north of the GPU)
SSD 1 in: 45°
SSD 1 out to RAM: straight
RAM in: 90°
RAM out to external WC: 45° or straight

What do you think about this loop, is it the right sequence in your opinion?

The reason why I want to use 45° fittings on the SSDs is simply to raise the hose a little from the MB. The 45° fittings on SSD 2 out to SSD 1 intake depends on where the intake is on the SSD 1 cooler. If it's on the left side I'll have to go around the outlet so then it'd probably better to use a 90° intake fitting and go over the GPU. Or I could maybe go an alternative route (from WC → CPU → SSD 1 → GPU → SSD 2 → RAM → to WC). The water wouldn't go past ca. 35° C anyway, since the WC handles 1500W.

Any comments are welcome!

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