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Crucial T700 2Tb on Z790 dark hero

Level 8

Hi everyone. I'm finding discussions (which cannot be answered) of people who have found it difficult to run the crucial T700 on z790 dark hero in gen5! before spending almost 400 euros I would like to make sure of the possibility of mounting it on my MB, also with the temperatures??? Will the plate we have be enough as a heat sink? 
please help me😰😰



Hello Robertinocinque

It should be as easy as setting the M.2_1 slot to Gen 5 in the bios, you may have to set the bifurcation as well.

Just be aware, when you use a PCIE 5.0 ssd, this drops the first PCIE x16 slot to x8 lanes.

Current Intel cpu's have....

20 PCIE 4.0 lanes - You can go with a pcie 4.0 ssd and keep the first pcie x16 sot at x16 lanes.


16 PCIE 5.0 lanes - The gpu will be running at x8 and the T700 at x4 Gen 5.

You'll want to install the Crucial T700 ssd in the M.2_1 slot (marked yellow) to get Gen 5 speeds. The motherboard heatsinks do a great job at keeping M.2 ssd's cool. Most M.2 ssd's have a throttling temp of 70c, my Firecuda 530 never hits 50c.

dark hero.png





This is exactly the setup I want to use. But I saw in the forum that other users had problems, that the Gen 5 was not recognized, or in any case that the performance was not good enough! Anyway, Wednesday arrives, I'll proceed with the cloning, and then I'll mount everything


With gaming, there's not a huge difference with game loading times.