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Crosshair VIII Dark Hero Nightmares..

Level 7
Bought the MB for myself as a Christmas present...and am hating life right now. Can't get Windows 10 installed. I get up to the point of having to add account info and it reboots. Goes right back to the add location/keyboard section. If I let it sit it will reboot, sometimes immediately, sometimes it takes 10-12 minutes.
From what I have seen in reviews this board can be a bit of a pain in the arse in regard to the bios. First thing I did was install the latest bios. Initially I had my two Samsung Evo NVME drives in a Raid (how it was set up with my old board. Back when I first thought about getting this board the G.Skill ram I had was on the ROG QVL. The ram is F4-3600C-14D-32GTZR. It is no longer there although it is still listed on G.Skills sites QVL. I pulled it out and replaced it with the old Corsair CMK16GX4M2B3200C 16R. GPU is a Geoforce 1080TI. Processoris a 3950x. PS is a EVGA 1000QG.
In addition to the NVME's I also have tried 4 new WD Black drives,2 of them are 2 TB, the others are 5t. Can't remember all the different BIOS combinations. System is water cooled. I am sure I am leaving out some critical info so please just let me know what else is needed.
Any/all advice on how to get this thing up and running would be appreciated.

Are you using XMP on the memory? I would start out using something slow like 2666 to ensure it's not a memory related issue causing the restarts. You could even remove a stick and just run single for the install. Also remove anything you don't need like extra drives. After you are up and running you can run HCI memtest to see if you get errors and start adding parts back in to see if you can trigger a failure.
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