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Crosshair V Formula upgrades

Level 7
Ok I am running the
Crosshair V Formula board
AMD 8120 cpu
Nvidia 460 GTX vid card
16 gigs of ddr3 Ripjaw x 1600
AMD Radeon SSD
I am getting ready to order a FX 8370 cpu
OK so I want to upgrade my video card to a XFX AMD R9 ( 290X ) vid card
The problem is that I was told I may have to upgrade my Bio,s if I intend to go to such video card with 4 gddr5
And since the last bio,s was 1703 from 2012 from which I am currently running
Has anyone used one of the bigger cards and cpu,s in this board without problems
Thanks amd4me:D

Level 40
You should have no problem running that as long as you have a capable PSU 🙂

If you are planning to OC CPU and GPU then 650 or 750 watts probably a good idea...

yeah I'm running a 950 gold series modular should be good there

Level 40
Yeah more than enough....! 😉 will work great....and be a nice upgrade!