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Crosshair Formula V Z + FX9590 Power Requirement for 4.8GHz+

Level 7
Hello Guys,

Since I've downloaded Cinebench I have been testing it but with constant failure trying to lock in 4.9Ghz with this chip and board, now the question I have is does the motherboard need the extra 4-pin power connector to reach above 1.5v?, as on my 4.8Ghz overclock it looks to only reach 1.5v, this is with LLC on high with no manual voltage or offset just stock 'auto' - am I to leave it until I get another 4-pin cable?

My results on Cinebench with the 4.8Ghz OC are anywhere between 769-775 and can run it over and over without failure.

The 4.9Ghz OC does one run then fails half way through or towards the end of the second attempt regardless of voltage influence, the result of the first run is between 788-791,

The highest I can set the voltage and LLC before it forces shut down is Ultra High and only 0.005+ offset,

Any test up to it beginning to shut down just freeze on the second run half way through or toward the end as I mentioned but UHLLC and 0.010+ offset will constantly shut down on the second test instead.

This is why I think I have reached the maximum the board will support until I give it some extra juice via the extra 4-pin power?

Some people have not noticed a difference or found it had helped at all on some posts I read so I am a bit confused if people are getting 4.9Ghz+ with lower voltages. :rolleyes:

Level 13
did i hear jerry rigging fan to cool vrms?

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