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CPU fans MB or iCue

Level 7
Ok so ty in advance for any help here.

ok I have just finished my new build and liking it so far

Asus ROG Strix Z590-E MB
i9 11900k
Corsair Dominator 2x16Gb 3466Mhz modules
Corsair H150i 360 Elite Capellix
Case is the Corsair 5000D Aifrflow
Strix RTX 2070 Super Adv GPU
Samsung 980 Pro 1Tb in slot M.2_1
a few more SSD's and a single HHD

My question is what would be the best place to connect my 3 fans on the rad. Currently they are connected to the Commander Core along with 3 ML120 Pro RGB in the front as intake the rad is exhaust fitted on the top 1 ML 120 Pro non RGB as exhaust at the back and 3 ML120 non RGB on the side as intake and they are connected to the MB via the PWM Repeater ( the side fans are the same specs as the rad fans just not RGB, ei up to 2400 rpm). would I be better off using the cases PWM repeater for the rad fans for the CPU and plugging it into the motherboard and let the bios handle the fans for CPU temps, also I am thinking of putting the 3 side fans on top as exhaust for a push/pull configuration and getting another 3 ml 120 Pro RGB for the side to go into the Commander Core.

Any advice here would be appreciated. Currently atg stock setting CPU sits around 37-41 deg on idle, temps go upto 60 deg when under a heavy load like playing Star Citizen, and spikes to maybe 72deg when loading. ALso I have set manual VCore to 1.425v.

Thx again