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CPU cooling and M.2 Drive Question on Max Hero XII

Level 7
Found out tonight my noctura NH- fan wont fit lga1200 on the hero xii board without an adapter which will take weeks to ship. Can I run this cpu without a cooler
(no stress testing just normal operation), I really don't know ..... it's a i5-10600k on the hero xii board.

Also I'm confused and don't know about the m.2 drives, did not realize there is pcie and sata mode, not really sure what that means either - I got 2 wd blacks with are nvme and if I think I understand these run PCIe only not sata, so in that case nothing else on the board is going to get disabled and I should run them in slots 1 & 3? Someone please educate me so I don't blow my motherboard up, thank you.