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Cpu Air cooler for my build, (Don't want water cooling.)

Level 8
Hi, my new build is going to be:

MB:Asus p9x79 Pro,
CPU:Intel 3930K CPU overclocked only with the TPU switch,
PSU:Enermax Galaxy 850w PSU
RAM:16gb of G Skill ripjawsz @ 1866mhz or 8gb Corsair Dominator GT @1866 (unsure yet of which to go)
GPU:Asus GTX680 sli
Case: Coolermaster HAF X, c/w all fans (except side panel fan as I have changed the side panel to a 932 advanced one.)

I am woundering what would be a good CPU air cooler for this build that would be able to handle maybe more oc in future.

Many thanks

Level 8
Have got an 1366 socket coolermaster hype n620 cooler. Can i use in future you think?

Level 7
I used this gigantic Thermaltake mo'fo for a while before going watercooled 🙂 did much better than stock cooler, and whats more it was free, was found in a friends attic 😄


Level 9

Level 7

It dowesnt help too much as the socket size is totally worng, would need the MB (P9x79 pro) to be socket x capable for that to happen.

Level 10
I would say the same as ColonelS but I would add THIS to the list, The Noctua NH-C14 I have running on an old 775 socket with an E6850 clocked at 3.2Ghz that has been running at 100% load for 3 weeks nonstop and it doesnt go over 45° and I'm only using 1 fan because there is not enough space in my case to fit the second fan. Also, it is practically silent.

Im rally hoping I will be able to get a socket 2011 bracket for my hyper N620, otherwise I will look more into the recommended ones. I am just waiting on Coolermaster to release this bracket. Does anyone know how well the n620 will perform vs the recommended ones you have suggested? (Only if coolermaster realeases a braket for this cooler. Thanks

Level 9
i would say noctua will win N620 anytime.
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Level 13
I've had really good luck with Arctic Cooling Products myself and I just went over their line of 2011 Coolers. Their Recomendation and it looks to be mine also is It's fully compatible with what your doing and it has an Amazing 320watts of Cooling Capacity... The one I have is the Freezer 64 and it was made for the AMD939/940's and Intel 775 lines but it fit my AM3 just fine and works better than I thought. I have a thread around here somewhere showing it in action.