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Could my Prime X399-A support 32GB Sticks of RAM?

Level 7
I have a Prime X399-A motherboard running a Threadripper 1950x. Long term I plan on upgrading to Threadripper 3, or whatever new version of Threadripper comes out. As part of that, I've started wondering if I could make 32gb sticks of ram work in my current system. The official pdf of supported ram definitely says no, but has anyone in the community tried it anyway?

Currently I'm running 4x16gb 2400mhz RAM. I expect 3200 or 3600 megahertz will still be a good fit. So if I could upgrade my ram in my current build to 32gb sticks at a higher rated clock, I'd be able to spread the cost out a bit.

I do a lot of virtualization. That's why I went with Threadripper in the first place. I've been getting close to running out of RAM lately, even with 64gb of it... Buying another 4 sticks of the ram I have now is very tempting, it's actually very well priced. But I'd rather buy something that keeps more possibilities open in the future, than close them off buying cheap.

Or maybe I just think it would be awesome to have 32gb sticks of ram in my system. 😄

In any case, if I could get the 32gb sticks to work at 2400mhz, even if they only use half their capacity, I'd still be happy.

I have done some searching, but I haven't found any definitive answers. On this forum I found this topic: But it was more about getting the speed and timings working the way they wanted. Plus I think they are using the Zenith Extreme Alpha board. Which is a bit of a step up from mine.... It is somewhat encouraging that the memory support list for that motherboard also doesn't list any 32gb sticks...

Thanks for any feedback!

Level 12
Ryzen 4000 series has been seen to hold IF clock 2200 or DDR4 4200 speeds.
Ryzen 3000 series already holds IF clock 1600 to 1900 or DDR4 3200 to 3800 speeds.

While not specifically talking about threadripper (I don't follow threadripper specific information that much) I hope these insights provide you some information for your decision-making about what IF frequencies are likely.

Threadripper PRO 3975WX has been benchmarked:
In addition to the above, specs for the Threadripper PRO line have leaked:

Hope you find this of help.

Thanks. That does help.

Definitely need to do more research to be sure any ram I buy would work well in the future.

Still wonder about 32gb sticks working in my current system.

A few weeks ago I successfully put 32gb of ddr3 in an old Acer motherboard that supposedly only supported a total of 16gb, so I know what's officially support isn't always everything.