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Cooling loop questions Formula VI Cross-Chill and Poseidon 780s

Level 7
So I'm still working with the Maximus VI formula and 2 GTX 780 Poseidon Platinum cards. Won't be upgrading anytime soon and it does fine. I'm finally getting around to liquid cooling the cards and vrm cross-chill and have a few questions. Mostly about mixed metal issues apparently present in the config. From what I've heard over time, the cross-chill chamber is seal-coated aluminum and the water-pipes on the Poseidon cards are copper? I've read that the cross-chill chamber would not be corrosive as long as you don't crack the coating installing the fittings. But the copper water pipes in the cards concerns me and it doesn't seem possible to eliminate the possibility of mixed metal problems with this setup. These might be dumb questions please bear with me. But, the water-pipes are plated on the outside, would they be nickel on the inside also? If these metal issues can't be fixed without buying new parts, would using Cryofuel or other anti-corrosion additives mitigate them? I have aluminum rads and don't have copper fittings. Seems kind of dumb that Asus wouldn't assume people would buy the configuration that I did and wouldn't have mixed metals. So is this an issue or not. I'm carefully researching my loop design and making use of some parts I already have, and it will include a draining port. So if I have to change out the fluid a couple times a year or something I don't mind that. Thanks for any help rendered.