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Coolermaster pi 40 case customization

Level 10
(Reposting the majority of the conversation here in hopes of more exposure and feedback from the community that's interested in custom hardware for the Raspberry pi 4/Asus Tinker board.)

(I couldn't decide if this was hardware or 3d printing. There hasn't been any feedback for the printing so I'll give it a few days and then repost in general should the pattern continue or just halt my attempt if I'm told to stop.)

Hi Asus and ROG, the Kickstarter opened up for Coolermasters Heatsink case for the Raspberry Pi 4 and I pledged for the custom case build with the Coolermaster staff. When watching ETA Prime's video below I noticed he mentioned that one could remove the bottom plastic plating that mounts the card so that one could 3d print a new motherboard mount that could hold a card with the different I/O bracket as long it used the same form factor. He brought up The Tinker board as a possible example of being compatible.

So putting 2 and 2 together I figured why not do something with my pledge? I get to design and make a custom case with Coolermaster for the credit-card sized computer and if anyone wants to chip in their opinion on what it should have I can take it into consideration. Maybe even make a ROG branded mini case for the TINKER/PI system.

So far my idea is to add:

An additional heat block for the GPU/Ram so that its heat can also be dispersed as this case is meant to overclock whatever is going into it.

Additional heatblock over the usb header as that also is shown yo heat up as well.

Possible support for a small fan (ideally a Noctua NF-A4 10m fan so that while it's louder than passive cooling, there's still a better benefit to using the case)

The fiber optic panel found in the Asus Phone II & ||| cases that uses the second RGB light on the back near the camera flash to disperse the light evenly over a small surface, giving a softer yet still viberant indicator of either performance (how hot the device is running) or other RGB lighting effects to the small motherboard.

Keep in mind that I probably will have more direct input over this prototype/custom case workshop as the backer as I don't actively represent Asus, ROG or the company I'm just a fan and consumer of the ROG branded products.