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Compatible EKWB for EVGA GTX 980 Ti P/N 06G-P4-4996-KR

Level 7
Im watercooling a pair of EVGA GTX 980 Ti's and had purchased 2 EK-FC980 GTX Ti WF3 waterblocks not realizing how many variations there are for this GPU config. I have disassembled the graphics card and started to add the water block but it is very different and does not clear at either end so I went back to check on EK's site and they do not have a version listed as compatible for that P/N, there are 5 other P/N's from 4990-4995 but no 4996? The 4995 listed uses Titan WB and Back Plates? and looks identical in the picture. Does anyone know if the Titan block is compatible with this version (4996)?:(

Level 14
if i was you i would mail EKWB and ask them.

Hi Jackson, welcome to the ROG forum !

You must have the EVGA FTW ACX 2.0 980 Ti gpu's, I see the 4996 P/N in the EKWB cooling configurator.


Level 11 have bought 'WF3' waterblocks? Those are for Gigabyte cards.

There is no fullcover waterblock available for that card. Only universal block. <-- use this to select your graphics card and P/N from the list.
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Level 14
you can buy waterblocks from evga too as long as it is made for the card u have.