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Cold boot issue Rampage VI Extreme

Level 7
I seem to be having no end of problems with this motherboard, perhaps I just bought a lemon off Evilbay. My problem now is when I turn the PC off for the night I now have the dreaded cold boot issue, otherwise PC is 100% stable aside from my memory problem (previously posted here) and memory has passed 2 passes of memtest86. I turn off the PC briefly when it doesn't boot and it then boots normally

I have a 7940X processor with 80Gb of 3200 DDR4 Corsair LPX running 4.7gHz on processor and 3466mHz RAM. AVX settings are -5 -6 I have tweaked my voltages to run stabily and wish to know what needs upping to cure this issue. I know I am sailing quite close to the wind with nice low voltages and would like to keep things as low as possible whilst still being stable.

Just edited post and voltages are as follows:

CPU Offset +0.015
Cache -0.020V
Uncore +0.100V
CPU Input 1.750V
SA 1.1V
RAM 1.4V

TIA 13oots2

Level 7
Solved this one myself, it turned out to be a "Detecting Memory" error code, went in to BIOS and enabled memory training and issue went away.