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Cloning ssd to nvme, when one nvme port already filled..

Level 7
Hi RoG'ers... hope all are well.

Im pretty good with pc's or i guess i wouldnt have ROG stuff! 😉

However..... I have been stepping into the realms of Nvme drives...

I have an Asus ROG strix z370-E with 32gb ram and i7-8700k...
I already have a WD SN750 500GB Nvme drive for 3d software and some games(secondary drive)
I currently boot from a Sandisk 3d ultra 1TB....Although, I have just purchased in black friday deals, another WD sn750 (this time 1TB) and I would like to clone my boot drive to it.

The original (secondary) nvme drive is located in the bottom most m2 socket, hence the top m2 (near cpu) is empty.

I believe that this port is linked in some way to the primary sata port ... in which case.... how do i clone my boot(c:) ssd to the new nvme drive?

Or will i have to change things in the bios first, that will affect how i do things before/during/after cloning?

The drive wont arrive until tomorrow or sunday so i have some time to play with..

I am at work at the moment so i cant supply any further information than I have done, until later on.

But id really appreciate some assistance so i do things perfectly..

I do appreciate that you usually need a bigger target drive than source drive but im sure i cna shrink the (c:) volume to make things smoother... also.. how will my programs already installed, deal with everything... will they be ok? or should i just wipe everything and do a clean install as i usually do... ?

thanks for reading. hope you folks can help.

Much love. regards, Matt