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Choosing a new case - help!

Level 7
Hi! I'm looking for some advice on choosing a new case. Here's the problem:
I have recently purchased some new parts to upgrade my existing build (from about three years ago), including a Rampage IV Formula, a Corsair H80 and a quad-kit of Corsair Dominator Platinums. The case I have been using up until now is an Enermax Phoenix Neo
( ), which I have been happy with, but because the H80 has a rather large block inside the case, the Dominators are taller than most DIMMs and the Formula has two of the RAM slots to the left of the CPU, the parts don't fit. I have (temporarily) resolved this issue by fixing one of the H80's fans on the outside of the case, which isn't very safe. Additionally, because the "Monster Fan" on the side protrudes into the case, it can no longer be closed properly with the H80 inside.
Therefore, simplest solution: buy a new case where everything fits. So my question is, does anyone have experience with these components and can suggest a good case where they fit?

Also, I was thinking of upgrading my current HDD with a new pair of Intel 520s, which have a 2.5" form factor. Do newer or some of the newer cases support 2.5" HDDs/SSDs or do you need to buy an adapter?

Thanks for the Help!

Level 7
12301 check it out visually also,,its gonna be a tight fit,,,,,they have a 120mm hole with extra holes for a 140mm fan,,not sure if your gaining any distance between motherboard and fan hole

Level 10
Have you looked at the NZXT Switch 810 ??

Pretty nice chassis for the money; I liked it better than the last 800D system I put together.

I would agree with that. NZXT Switch 810 is a very nice case!
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