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Case Recommendations for Asus Rog Maximus xi Hero

Level 7
Hi all. I just ordered a Maximus xi Hero for a new build and am hoping to purchase the rest of the parts today. I've heard that there have been some issues regarding the Maximus board mounting/fitting in certain cases.

I'm hoping for some best-fit case recommendations. I haven't ordered any of the other parts yet, and I'm not partial to water cooling/air cooling, nor do I especially care about RGB and the like. Looking to spend anywhere from $100-280 on the case itself.

I'm open to all suggestions. Just has to fit with no extra modding/drilling/cramming. Thanks.

rikati wrote:
I went ahead and removed the optical drive cage and front mounted the radiator. Everything fits nicely with plenty of space now. I have the pump pulling air in from the front and a back and top mounted fan for exhaust. Might get one more top mounted exhaust fan. Very pleased with the Phanteks case overall.

In the end, the maximus hero XI fits well in the Phanteks Enthoo pro, isn't it?