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Can't change primary video card in BIOS

Level 7

Hi, fellow gamers.  I am trying to help a friend and his build and I am having a hard time with his rig.  The computer has an ASUS PRIME B560M-A AC motherboard and an Intel Core i7-11700 Processor.  He is having video crash errors in some games.  For example, sudden game crashes (Guild Wars 2) and one of the others is UNSUPPORTED VIDEO CARD when he has an NVIDIA RTX 3060ti.  Since this pc was pre-built and bought at AMAZON, the computer was working the first year and now it is crashing.  The first thing we replaced was the heatsink that they placed on it (the OEM one) for a be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4 250W TDP CPU Cooler because the processor was overheating and shutting down the pc.  Now the temperature ok, but crashes still going.  The pc was also reinstalled from scratch and still no good.  Now this is the part I need help the most.  I went to the BIOS to change the video card priority and change it from CPU GRAPHICS to PEG (and PCIE) and after saving the BIOS configuration, if I access the BIOS once again, the option appears as CPU GRAPHICS again.  I also reset the BIOS through CLEAR CMOS and still we can't change the priority.  I am aware that the CPU has an internal INTEL HD video card.  Would that be the problem?  Thanks in advance.



Hello canitocool

In the Bios:

1) On the Boot tab, try disabling CSM and set secure boot to Other Os.

2) After setting the PEG setting, be sure to hit the F10 key to save, then hit Enter to exit the bios.

3) Be sure the monitor cable is connected to the RTX 3060 Ti.

4) If this gets you into windows, update to the latest Nvidia driver 546.33.

5) Install Hwinfo, click the Sensors tab and see that all component temperatures look normal.