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Can I use 32GBx2 3600MHz RAM kit in ROG Zenith II Extreme Alpha motherboard?

Level 7
I have Asus ROG Zenith II Extreme Alpha Motherboard with AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3960x processor. It is mentioned 3200MHz in the processor's product page. I would like to purchase G.Skill TrideztZ Neo RAM since its the best option for Threadripper processors. My doubt is, whether I can go for 3600MHz kit? or is there no use with RAM above 3200MHz?

I checked on and applied two filters : vendors - g.skill and size - 8x32GB. Unfortunately, in the list, I was able to see only 2666MHz and 3200MHz models

Can somebody please give me an expert advise?

Thank you.

Level 7
Yes, definitely

I have had my system with this Great Asus Motherboard for a year.
Currently I have 128MB of RAM "Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB 128GB 3800 MHz DDR4 Quad Channel Memory Kit"

This would suit your requirements; CORSAIR CMK64GX4M2D3600C18(Ver5.49) 2x 32GB 3600 3600
Just ensure you set your RAM Voltage to 1.35 in BIOS

Link below for QVL on this Board.

@speedy-9 thanks for your reply,

I need 256G ram and there is not much price difference between 3600 and 3200. So I am going for 3600 even if it is not present in QVL respecting your advise 🙂

Also, may I know the requirement to set RAM voltage in BIOS? Is it for overclocking?


Here are the Settings (All of them) in the BIOS to ensure stability

Overclocking 10% beyond this will give stability issues, but at these settings, rock solid

[2020/10/30 03:54:02]
Ai Overclock Tuner [D.O.C.P. Standard]
D.O.C.P. [D.O.C.P DDR4-3802 19-19-19-39-1.35V]
BCLK Frequency [100.0000]
Performance Enhancer [Auto]
Memory Frequency [DDR4-3600MHz]
FCLK Frequency [1800MHz]
Core Performance Boost [Auto]
CPU Core Ratio [Auto]
Core VID [Auto]
CCX0 Ratio [Auto]
CCX1 Ratio [Auto]
CCX0 Ratio [Auto]
CCX1 Ratio [Auto]
CCX0 Ratio [Auto]
CCX1 Ratio [Auto]
CCX0 Ratio [Auto]
CCX1 Ratio [Auto]
EPU Power Saving Mode [Disabled]
TPU [Keep Current Settings]
Performance Bias [Auto]
Precision Boost Overdrive [Auto]
Precision Boost Overdrive Scalar [Auto]
Max CPU Boost Clock Override [Auto]
Platform Thermal Throttle Limit [Auto]
DRAM CAS# Latency [18]
Trcdrd [18]
Trcdwr [18]
DRAM RAS# PRE Time [18]
DRAM RAS# ACT Time [36]
Trc [Auto]
TrrdS [Auto]
TrrdL [Auto]
Tfaw [Auto]
TwtrS [Auto]
TwtrL [Auto]
Twr [Auto]
Trcpage [Auto]
TrdrdScl [Auto]
TwrwrScl [Auto]
Trfc [Auto]
Trfc2 [Auto]
Trfc4 [Auto]
Tcwl [Auto]
Trtp [Auto]
Trdwr [Auto]
Twrrd [Auto]
TwrwrSc [Auto]
TwrwrSd [Auto]
TwrwrDd [Auto]
TrdrdSc [Auto]
TrdrdSd [Auto]
TrdrdDd [Auto]
Tcke [Auto]
ProcODT [Auto]
Cmd2T [Auto]
Gear Down Mode [Auto]
Power Down Enable [Auto]
RttNom [Auto]
RttWr [Auto]
RttPark [Auto]
MemAddrCmdSetup [Auto]
MemCsOdtSetup [Auto]
MemCkeSetup [Auto]
MemCadBusClkDrvStren [Auto]
MemCadBusAddrCmdDrvStren [Auto]
MemCadBusCsOdtDrvStren [Auto]
MemCadBusCkeDrvStren [Auto]
Mem Over Clock Fail Count [Auto]
VRM Initialization Check [Enabled]
Voltage Monitor [Die Sense]
CPU Load-line Calibration [Auto]
CPU Current Capability [Auto]
CPU VRM Switching Frequency [Auto]
VRM Spread Spectrum [Auto]
CPU Power Duty Control [T.Probe]
CPU Power Phase Control [Auto]
CPU Power Thermal Control [120]
VDDSOC Load-line Calibration [Auto]
VDDSOC Current Capability [Auto]
VDDSOC Switching Frequency [Auto]
VDDSOC Phase Control [Auto]
VDDSOC Power Thermal Control [120]
DRAM Power Phase Control(CHA, CHB) [Extreme]
DRAM Power Phase Control(CHC, CHD) [Extreme]
DRAM Switching Frequency(CHA, CHB) [Auto]
DRAM Switching Frequency(CHC, CHD) [Auto]
SB Clock Spread Spectrum [Auto]
VTTDDR AB Voltage [Auto]
VTTDDR CD Voltage [Auto]
DRAM CTRL REF Voltage on CHA [Auto]
DRAM CTRL REF Voltage on CHB [Auto]
DRAM CTRL REF Voltage on CHC [Auto]
DRAM CTRL REF Voltage on CHD [Auto]
1.8V Standby Voltage [Auto]
CPU 3.3v AUX [Auto]
1.2V SB Voltage [Auto]
DRAM R1 Tune [Auto]
DRAM R2 Tune [Auto]
DRAM R3 Tune [Auto]
DRAM R4 Tune [Auto]
PCIE Tune R1 [Auto]
PCIE Tune R2 [Auto]
PCIE Tune R3 [Auto]
PLL Tune R1 [Auto]
PLL Tune R2 [Auto]
PLL reference voltage [Auto]
PLL reference voltage 2 [Auto]
Sense MI Skew [Auto]
Sense MI Offset [Auto]
Promontory presence [Auto]
Clock Amplitude [Auto]
CLDO VDDP voltage [Auto]
Mem P-State [Auto]
CPU Core Voltage [Auto]
CPU SOC Voltage [Auto]
DRAM AB Voltage [1.35000]
DRAM CD Voltage [1.35000]
VDDG CCD Voltage Control [Auto]
VDDG IOD Voltage Control [Auto]
1.00V SB Voltage [Auto]
1.8V PLL Voltage [Auto]
Security Device Support [Enable]
SHA-1 PCR Bank [Enabled]
SHA256 PCR Bank [Enabled]
Pending operation [None]
Platform Hierarchy [Enabled]
Storage Hierarchy [Enabled]
Endorsement Hierarchy [Enabled]
TPM2.0 UEFI Spec Version [TCG_2]
Physical Presence Spec Version [1.3]
TPM Device Selection [Firmware TPM]
Erase fTPM NV for factory reset [Enabled]
PSS Support [Enabled]
NX Mode [Enabled]
SVM Mode [Enabled]
SMT Mode [Auto]
Above 4G Decoding [Disabled]
SR-IOV Support [Disabled]
BME DMA Mitigation [Disabled]
Hot-Plug Support [Enabled]
Legacy USB Support [Enabled]
XHCI Hand-off [Enabled]
Corsair Slider 3.0 1100 [Auto]
U32G2_1 [Enabled]
U32G2_2 [Enabled]
U32G2_3 [Enabled]
U32G2_4 [Enabled]
U32G2_6 [Enabled]
U32G2_C8 [Enabled]
U32G2_9 [Enabled]
USB10 [Enabled]
Network Stack [Enabled]
Ipv4 PXE Support [Enabled]
Ipv6 PXE Support [Enabled]
Device [SATA6G_1: Samsung SSD 860 EVO 4TB]
SATA Port Enable [Enabled]
NVMe RAID mode [Disabled]
SMART Self Test [Enabled]
Hot Plug [Disabled]
Hot Plug [Disabled]
Hot Plug [Disabled]
Hot Plug [Disabled]
ASMedia Storage Controller [Enabled]
ASPM Support [Disabled]
ASMedia Storage Controller 2 [Enabled]
ASPM Support [Disabled]
Asmedia USB 3.2 Gen2x2 Controller [Enabled]
USB Type C Power Switch [Auto]
PCIEX16_1 Bandwidth [X16 Mode]
PCIEX16_2 Bandwidth [X8 Mode]
PCIEX16_3 Bandwidth [X16 Mode]
PCIEX16_4 Bandwidth [X4 Mode]
M.2_3 Bandwidth [X2 Mode]
PCIEX16_1 Mode [Auto]
PCIEX16_2 Mode [Auto]
PCIEX16_3 Mode [Auto]
PCIEX16_4 Mode [Auto]
M.2_1 Link Mode [Auto]
M.2_2 Link Mode [Auto]
M.2_3 Link Mode [Auto]
DIMM.2 M.2_1 Link Mode [Auto]
DIMM.2 M.2_2 Link Mode [Auto]
SB Link Mode [Auto]
Intel LAN Controller [Enabled]
Intel LAN OPROM [Disabled]
10G LAN Card [Enabled]
10G LAN PXE Option ROM [Disabled]
Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) Controller [Enabled]
Bluetooth Controller [Enabled]
HD Audio Controller [Disabled]
ASM1074 Controller (Back) [Enabled]
ASM1074 Controller (Front) [Enabled]
When system is in working state [All On]
When system is in sleep, hibernate or soft off states [All On]
USB power delivery in Soft Off state (S5) [Enabled]
Restore AC Power Loss [Power Off]
ErP Ready [Disabled]
Power On By PCI-E [Disabled]
Power On By RTC [Disabled]
CPU Temperature [Monitor]
CPU Package Temperature [Monitor]
MotherBoard Temperature [Monitor]
VRM Temperature [Monitor]
Chipset Temperature [Monitor]
T_Sensor 1 Temperature [Monitor]
T_Sensor 2 Temperature [Monitor]
Water In T Sensor Temperature [Monitor]
Water Out T Sensor Temperature [Monitor]
WB In T Sensor Temperature [Monitor]
WB Out T Sensor Temperature [Monitor]
Node Power Supply Unit Temperature [Monitor]
CPU Fan Speed [Monitor]
CPU Optional Fan Speed [Monitor]
Chassis Fan 1 Speed [Monitor]
Chassis Fan 2 Speed [Monitor]
W_PUMP+ 1 Speed [Monitor]
W_PUMP+ 2 Speed [Monitor]
VRM Heatsink Fan Speed [Monitor]
Chipset Fan Speed [Monitor]
Node Power Supply Unit Fan Speed [Monitor]
CPU Core Voltage [Monitor]
12V Voltage [Monitor]
5V Voltage [Monitor]
3.3V Voltage [Monitor]
Node Power Supply Unit Vin Voltage [Monitor]
Flow Rate [Monitor]
WB Flow Rate [Monitor]
Node Power Supply Unit Power [Monitor]
CPU Q-Fan Control [PWM Mode]
CPU Fan Step Up [0 sec]
CPU Fan Step Down [0 sec]
CPU Fan Speed Lower Limit [200 RPM]
CPU Fan Profile [Standard]
Chassis Fan 1 Q-Fan Control [DC Mode]
Chassis Fan 1 Q-Fan Source [CPU]
Chassis Fan 1 Step Up [0 sec]
Chassis Fan 1 Step Down [0 sec]
Chassis Fan 1 Speed Low Limit [200 RPM]
Chassis Fan 1 Profile [Standard]
Chassis Fan 2 Q-Fan Control [DC Mode]
Chassis Fan 2 Q-Fan Source [CPU]
Chassis Fan 2 Step Up [0 sec]
Chassis Fan 2 Step Down [0 sec]
Chassis Fan 2 Speed Low Limit [200 RPM]
Chassis Fan 2 Profile [Standard]
Node Power Supply Unit Fan Q-Fan Control [PWM Mode]
Node Power Supply Unit Fan Speed Low Limit [200 RPM]
Node Power Supply Unit Fan Profile [Standard]
WATER PUMP+ 1 Control [Disabled]
WATER PUMP+ 2 Control [Disabled]
VRM Heatsink Fan Q-Fan Control [PWM Mode]
VRM Heatsink Fan Step Up [0 sec]
VRM Heatsink Fan Step Down [0 sec]
VRM Heatsink Fan Speed Low Limit [Ignore]
VRM Heatsink Fan Upper Temperature [93]
VRM Heatsink Fan Max. Duty Cycle (%) [100]
VRM Heatsink Fan Middle Temperature [75]
VRM Heatsink Fan Middle. Duty Cycle (%) [40]
VRM Heatsink Fan Lower Temperature [60]
VRM Heatsink Fan Min. Duty Cycle (%) [0]
Chipset Fan Q-Fan Control [PWM Mode]
Chipset Fan Step Up [0 sec]
Chipset Fan Step Down [0 sec]
Chipset Fan Speed Low Limit [Ignore]
Chipset Fan Upper Temperature [93]
Chipset Fan Max. Duty Cycle (%) [100]
Chipset Fan Middle Temperature [60]
Chipset Fan Middle. Duty Cycle (%) [40]
Chipset Fan Lower Temperature [55]
Chipset Fan Min. Duty Cycle (%) [0]
U32G2_1 [Enabled]
U32G2_2 [Enabled]
XHCI0 Port 2 [Enabled]
XHCI0 Port 3 [Enabled]
U32G2_3 [Enabled]
U32G2_4 [Enabled]
XHCI1 Port 2 [Enabled]
XHCI1 Port 3 [Enabled]
Fast Boot [Enabled]
Next Boot after AC Power Loss [Normal Boot]
Boot Logo Display [Enabled]
POST Delay Time [2 sec]
Bootup NumLock State [On]
Wait For 'F1' If Error [Enabled]
Option ROM Messages [Force BIOS]
Interrupt 19 Capture [Disabled]
Setup Mode [Advanced Mode]
Launch CSM [Enabled]
Boot Device Control [UEFI and Legacy OPROM]
Boot from Network Devices [UEFI only]
Boot from Storage Devices [UEFI only]
Boot from PCI-E/PCI Expansion Devices [UEFI only]
OS Type [Other OS]
AMI Native NVMe Driver Support [Enabled]
Flexkey [Reset]
Load from Profile [2]
Profile Name [3600_Good]
Save to Profile [3]
DIMM Slot Number [DIMM_A1]
Bus Interface [PCIEX16_1]
Download & Install ARMOURY CRATE app [Enabled]
CPU Frequency [0]
CPU Voltage [0]
CCD Control [Auto]
Core control [Auto]
SMT Control [Auto]
Overclock [Auto]
Power Down Enable [Auto]
Cmd2T [Auto]
Gear Down Mode [Auto]
CAD Bus Timing User Controls [Auto]
CAD Bus Drive Strength User Controls [Auto]
Data Bus Configuration User Controls [Auto]
Infinity Fabric Frequency and Dividers [Auto]
Precision Boost Overdrive [Auto]
LN2 Mode [Auto]
SoC Voltage [0]
SoC/Uncore OC Mode [Disabled]
VDDP Voltage Control [Auto]
VDDG Voltage Control [Auto]
Gaming Mode [Disable]
NUMA nodes per socket [Auto]
Custom Pstate0 [Auto]
L1 Stream HW Prefetcher [Auto]
L2 Stream HW Prefetcher [Auto]
RedirectForReturnDis [Auto]
Core Performance Boost [Auto]
Global C-state Control [Auto]
DRAM scrub time [Auto]
Poison scrubber control [Auto]
Redirect scrubber control [Auto]
Redirect scrubber limit [Auto]
NUMA nodes per socket [Auto]
Memory interleaving [Auto]
Memory interleaving size [Auto]
1TB remap [Auto]
DRAM map inversion [Auto]
ACPI SRAT L3 Cache As NUMA Domain [Auto]
ACPI SLIT Distance Control [Auto]
ACPI SLIT remote relative distance [Auto]
GMI encryption control [Auto]
xGMI encryption control [Auto]
CAKE CRC perf bounds Control [Auto]
4-link xGMI max speed [Auto]
3-link xGMI max speed [Auto]
xGMI TXEQ Mode [Auto]
Disable DF to external downstream IP SyncFloodPropagation [Auto]
Disable DF sync flood propagation [Auto]
Freeze DF module queues on error [Auto]
CC6 memory region encryption [Auto]
System probe filter [Auto]
Memory Clear [Auto]
PSP error injection support [False]
Overclock [Auto]
Power Down Enable [Auto]
Cmd2T [Auto]
Gear Down Mode [Auto]
CAD Bus Timing User Controls [Auto]
CAD Bus Drive Strength User Controls [Auto]
Data Bus Configuration User Controls [Auto]
Data Poisoning [Auto]
DRAM Post Package Repair [Disable]
RCD Parity [Auto]
DRAM Address Command Parity Retry [Auto]
Write CRC Enable [Auto]
DRAM Write CRC Enable and Retry Limit [Auto]
Disable Memory Error Injection [True]
DRAM ECC Symbol Size [Auto]
DRAM ECC Enable [Auto]
DRAM UECC Retry [Auto]
TSME [Auto]
Data Scramble [Auto]
DFE Read Training [Auto]
FFE Write Training [Auto]
PMU Pattern Bits Control [Auto]
MR6VrefDQ Control [Auto]
CPU Vref Training Seed Control [Auto]
Chipselect Interleaving [Auto]
BankGroupSwap [Auto]
BankGroupSwapAlt [Auto]
Address Hash Bank [Auto]
Address Hash CS [Auto]
Address Hash Rm [Auto]
SPD Read Optimization [Enabled]
MBIST Enable [Disabled]
Pattern Select [PRBS]
Pattern Length [3]
Aggressor Channel [1 Aggressor Channel]
Aggressor Static Lane Control [Disabled]
Target Static Lane Control [Disabled]
Worst Case Margin Granularity [Per Chip Select]
Read Voltage Sweep Step Size [1]
Read Timing Sweep Step Size [1]
Write Voltage Sweep Step Size [1]
Write Timing Sweep Step Size [1]
IOMMU [Auto]
Precision Boost Overdrive [Auto]
Precision Boost Overdrive Scalar [Auto]
FCLK Frequency [Auto]
VDDP Voltage Control [Auto]
VDDG Voltage Control [Auto]
SoC/Uncore OC Mode [Auto]
LN2 Mode [Auto]
ACS Enable [Auto]
PCIe Ten Bit Tag Support [Auto]
cTDP Control [Auto]
EfficiencyModeEn [Auto]
Package Power Limit Control [Auto]
DF Cstates [Auto]
CPPC [Auto]
CPPC Preferred Cores [Auto]
NBIO DPM Control [Auto]
Early Link Speed [Auto]
Preferred IO [Auto]
CV test [Auto]
Loopback Mode [Auto]
Mmio Above 4G Limit [39]
PM L1 SS [Auto]
Data Link Feature Exchange [Auto]
PCIE REDRIVER TX (J3600) [Enabled ]
Equalizer Setting (db) [3.0_4.2_5.8_9.4]
Flat Gain Setting (db) [-0.5]
Swing Setting (mVp-p) [1000]
Equalizer Setting (db) [1.8_2.7_3.9_7.0]
Flat Gain Setting (db) [1]
Swing Setting (mVp-p) [1000]
PCIE REDRIVER RX (J3600) [Enabled ]
Equalizer Setting (db) [0.2_1.0_2.3_5.6]
Flat Gain Setting (db) [-0.5]
Swing Setting (mVp-p) [1000]
Equalizer Setting (db) [2.1_3.3_4.8_8.5]
Flat Gain Setting (db) [-0.5]
Swing Setting (mVp-p) [1000]