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Build Problems - ROG STRIX B550-F MB & Ryzen 9 5900x

Level 7
Trying to do a build using AMD Ryzen 9 5900x CPU and the ASUS ROG Strix B550-F motherboard.

Got the system all built up, powered on....and nothing....dead...nothing out the hdmi video port. No boot to bios...

Took it all apart, and brought the processor, the motherboard, the DIMMs and the cooler to a local computer store - where they support commercial clients in addition to regular people, and also build custom PC's. THey've been in business many years. They confirmed that it was dead - no boot up to bios. As they are an Intel house, they didn't have any other AMD processors to swap in, to try to determine if it is due to the CPU processor chip or if the problem is in the motherboard.

Brought the parts there because I just wanted to have someone with lots of build experience to double check the problem - to make sure it wasn't a simple stupid error on my part - nope, the shop confirmed that either the motherbd or the CPU is bad.

So now I have a new replacement motherboard and a new replacement CPU processor being shipped. I figure to try out the motherboard and CPU first out on the bench, make sure it works and boots to bios befor installing it into the case. Once I find a working setup, I'll return the "defective" CPU and motherboard.

How should I approach diagnosing this problem...
Should I first try the new Mbd with the original CPU,
or maybe
try the original motherboard with the new CPU
and then last try the new motherbd wit the new CPU.


Any thoughts and advice or suggestions is appreciated.

Level 11
Hey HikerLT,

I'm assuming you have an BIOS installed that doesn't support the processor. From looking at the user manual, you have a BIOS flashback function on the motherboard. Download from Asuses website BIOS 1004. That's the edition which is relevant to the CPU. Follow the procedure to updating your BIOS using the manual. It's straight forward
Make sure you attach all of the power connectors for the motherboard (including EATX12V_1 and EATX12V_2). For booting purposes, make sure that you install one random access memory module to DIMM_B2. Attach your HDMI cable to the onboard graphics port. Wait until you get a boot and then attach the GPU once your certain everything is fine. Test the system.
Hopefully this works for you
🙂 Let us know!