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Build Advice threads: READ THIS FIRST!

Level 15
Help us to help you by providing the following info.

Copy and Paste this into a new post and fill it out:


Main uses of intended build:
Parts required:
Previous build information (list details of parts):
Monitor resolution:
Storage requirements:
Will you be overclocking: yes/no (delete as required)
Any motherboard requirements (no. of USB, Xfire/SLI, fan headers):
Extra information about desired system:


* Budget: This is the big one, so try and be as specific as possible so we don't recommend something you can't afford, or give an upper limit so we can give you a range of options if you'd rather spend less. Remember to state it in your local currency, as it will often buy you more in some countries than others, and we can provide you with relevant links to different online retailers.

* What that budget needs to include. Are you just after a base system? Or do you need to include peripherals such as a keyboard, mouse, speakers and a monitor into your budget. Or are you just looking for a motherboard/CPU/RAM upgrade?

* What the main uses of the PC will be. Different applications (i.e. gaming, video/photo editing, 3D rendering, home theatre/media playback, file servers, web browsing and word processing) will benefit from spending more money in certain areas than others, so this information is extremely useful.

* The spec of your current PC and whether you are re-using any parts from it. This is particularly useful for lower budget builds as you may be able to save money by re-using certain components from a previous system, allowing you to spend more money elsewhere. If you don't currently have a PC, you can obviously ignore this part.

* The native resolution of your monitor. This is the one thing most people neglect to include, but it is very important if your main use will be gaming as it could make the difference between us recommending an £80 graphics card or a £300 graphics card. If you don't have a monitor, say so and we'll recommend based on monitors within your budget.

* Whether you will be overclocking or not. This is quite an important point as many components are recommended based on their overclocking ability (as well as possibly requiring additional expenditure on cooling), but others may be more suited if you are not. If you are unsure of what overclocking is and whether you want to have a go at it or not, have a look at the relevant stickies or try a forum/Google search which will turn up many results. Just remember that it is relatively easy if you are well informed beforehand, and offers a free speed boost (meaning you don't have to buy a more expensive CPU), so is generally recommended around these parts unless you either won't benefit from it or will be using the PC for mission critical work requiring 100% stability.

* How much storage space you require. This is useful for obvious reasons, although we usually recommend allowing for slightly more than you actually need.

* Do you have any special requirements? You may not have even considered these yet, but can be anything from low noise/power requirements, size/space restrictions, watercooling, or any other additional features like fans/fan controllers, wireless cards, RAID cards etc. etc.

Level 11
Great Marshall , how many time peoples forget to include the monitor resolution....

Level 18
++MarshallR .. always think'n ROG.c.

Level 14
riescar, not in this tread, start your own.

Level 7
Hi not sure I am doing this right as I can't seem to find a way to post on the forum I would like some help on my first build. Thanks in advance I am really looking forward to being part of the ROG family. Please advise.

Level 10
Click on the "build advice" link. Look for a button that says "Post New Thread." Click it.
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Level 7
Can i ask/start a thread advice for individual part like graphic part...? Thanks

Hi! friends today i tried to run Prime95 test bcz my processor temp. is 55c under idle condition and when i run prime95 it stops at 99c is it normal for prime95. So the question is everthing normal or i have to buy a new cpu cooler.

If yes then i'm considering to buy cooler master evo 212x which i'd used earlier when i had no cabinet(Case) but now i have Corsair 400r cabinet does i'm going to face any problem with this setup.

My processor us i5 4670K and mobo asus maximus vi hero.

Level 7
Go ahead! You can!