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Build advice and recommendations

Level 7
Hi everyone, I have not posted in like 5 years so I'm way behind on the times when it comes to building a pc now. My last build I did was fully water cooled but I think I'm not going to do that this time.

What I currently am looking at parts wise.

AMD ryzen 5 3600
Asrock x470 gaming board
16gm ddr4 3200 ram
700w power supply
500gb M.2 ssd (OS) and a 2TB storage drive
Rtx 2080 super
Ultra wide 38" monitor

Now I'm not going to reuse any parts because the pc I'm using now works fine, and I'm going to just let me wife use it for her own thing.

My main issue honestly is am I able to downgrade anything and not lose performance. The pc will only be used for a couple things, I live stream playing FFXIV online (I know it's an older game and does not require a lot to run) and am trying to get into doing VR like beat saber. Some photo editing, and some blue stacks emulating android games.

I would likely (later on down the road) add water cooling if needed.

I also need a good case and fans etc obviously.

My budget is looking to be about 2500usd

Level 10
I only could give you few advice.
Buy ASUS X470 or X570 motherboard and Seasonic PSU.

I would bought Seasonic 700W Fanless Titanium.
But if he is out of your budget you could think about PRIME 650 Gold/Platinum.
Next advice is 500GB M.2 + 1TB SATA III SSD.
You don't need HDD. You probably have some old SATA III HDD.
Better later buy some external HDD USB 3.0 example 1-2TB WD.

Samsung 860 EVO 1TB - 150$
Samsung 860 QVO 1TB - 100$

People should get rid of HDD easy.
One Dual SSD Mounting bracket with 1TB+1TB SATA III SSD is best option together with 1TB M.2
That's best investment. Even if you sell all other components and PC case adn want to use some good laptop you could choose models with cheapest options and replace with your M.2 SSD and SATA III SSD. Or Mini PC.

Modern gaming desktop PC no need for HDD.
External models as WD Passport 4TB USB 3.0 Metal model, not plastic cost 150-160$.
I left WD Black 2TB in my case and I no need for him because I have 1TB EVO Plus and 1TB 850 EVO both 20% used and that WD Black is sometimes loudest part in my computer.
Not always, I not complain, he not make me problems, but sometimes If you come closer I hear only him.

If you pay more for 1TB M.2 and 1TB SATA III SSD they will be usefull even when your components become obsolete.
That standard will stay long time, they will work and on Gen 4.0 boards maybe and Gen 5.0 later and you will not notice difference between them and next gen of M.2 so easy. And SATA III SSD will stay as main storage gaming device next 5 years.

Because you use AMD platform, check maybe CORSAIR MP600 Gen 4.0.

Level 7
Thanks for that advice. So I think I'll go with an external storage and just a small 500gb for the OS and the few other programs I use. Should be more than enough space.

Any advise for the monitor and other components? Trying to budget as best as I can while still maintaining good performance. The hardware isnt set in stone so if someone can suggest a more affordable alternative that's fine too. As long as it performs well running VR and streaming my ffxiv.