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Boot times taking an age ASUS ROG Strix AMD B650E-I Gaming

Level 7


I have the ASUS ROG Strix AMD B650E-I Gaming with a Ryzen 7900X, 64GB Kingston Fury C36 Expo DDR5 Ram, WD 850X 4TB NVMe, AMD RX 6950 XT GPU running Windows 11 Pro latest build and latest bios 1224.

My problem I have been having from new is the time it takes to boot from cold or from restarting, it is terrible and can take 3 minutes, is this normal?

I have tried a few basics that I have found on YouTube, but ended up having to rescue my bios with the last one.

My previous X570 used to boot from cold within 15 seconds, but now I have paid for more premium upgrades and my experience is worse, I know some say it is the memory learning, but surely it should not need to it is only RAM anyway, not a hard drive!?!

Any advice or have I got a duff motherboard?

Cheers in advance 


Level 7