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Bios Flash Will not work

Level 7
Hello forum, I am trying to flash my maximus XIII

with Ez flash in the bios . I down loaded the correct file, Ran the file renamer, as Admin.
Put the cap file in the root of the flash drive restarted pc went into ezflash
It tells me this is not a correct file to use?

Never, ever had any issues what so ever flashing any bios, the ez way
or the old school method ??
Please advise
Dazed and confused

Level 13
Your board has the BIOS flashback button built in where you can flash the bios even without a CPU, RAM or GPU installed if you want.

Try this, right from your manual. just make sure the USB is in the slot marked BIOS.
Make sure the USB is formatted fat32 and nothing else is on it but the BIOS file named M13H.CAP
Light will start to flash and it usually takes a minute or two. If it flashes then stops immediately something isnt right like wrong name or USB in wrong port.
Also best to clear CMOS before beginning.


Thank you BigJohnny
that worked I had the wrong bios file
you are a gentleman and a scholar

Before the flash my memory bandwidth was 32.5 Gb/sec
now it is 46.4 Gb/sec.