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Between a ROG and an hard place (Oneplus 7 Pro vs ROG PHONE II)

Level 10
Hello ROG Community, Veovis here it's been a while since I last communicated.

I'm having a slight dilemma on my next phone. My current one is oneplus 5T and I've had my eye on the ROG Phone II (ROGII) since the initial one was showed off at ROG Gamefest 2018. I've used most of the storage in my 128gb phone and am looking to upgrade.
I'm a bit of a power user with my android: FL studio Music production that imports to my PC, taking high quality camera shots for slide show scrapbook videos that my family enjoys at event, and using the new streaming services to play single player games remotely on my phone from my computer.

I'm debating between the middle ground Onplus 7pro (7Pro) which is now on sale and has a trade in bonus.


Pros: I can get the device plus accessories for about 500$, full screen viewing, killer camera with great nightmode software

The main cons are: Curved front screen, no headphone jack, 256 gb storage, 8gb ram, bottom firing speaker


Pros: Front firing speaker, Headphone jack with amp, flat screen, same 48mp camera, 512 storage (1TB still not for sale), 12 gb ram, Controller accessory that can also be used with gaming via bluetooth.

Cons: Same camera sensor with not as great software, 900$ price tag. (the cheaper 8gb 128 version for 650 isn't an option because I'm so close to maxing the phone I currently have

I'm also open to other devices if anyone can suggest them.

Level 10
So, after debating with myself and seeing a comparison of the apples to apples of the One Plus 7t vs the ROGII, I believe I'm going to go with the ROGII. Since both of the lower end models have similar stats (same processor, same ram, same storage) and similar price. The ROGII basic provided more bang for buck in features. The camera comparison of the two was rendered moot in looking at raw comparison, and that the oneplus camera app is free to download.

What it boiled down to was "would I have buyers remorse?" If I got the Oneplus, Id always be kicking myself for getting the ROGII. If I got the ROG, I don't have that internal reaction.