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Best power supply out there?

Level 7

I'm just wandering which is the best power supply company for high spec gaming pcs?

I was checking out the Corsair Ax1200 and Corsair Ax1200i. What you think guys?

Level 40
They are both good power supplies and will do the job for most circumstances.
To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.

Level 7
any other cheaper? and good?

ppr0perr wrote:
any other cheaper? and good?
Yes, Newegg has their Rosewill series of psu's. The high end ones are made by a company called Super Flower and are of a really good quality as in the company of Seasonic, who by the way makes most of the good Corsair Psu's.

Level 10
Don't know price wise (I got mine on a promotional offer) but I'm more than pleased with my CoolerMaster Silent Pro Hybrid 1300w
Although I will also say that I can't fault Corsair products either, My HX750 is still running after 5 years. I hammered it to hell and back too by OCing pretty hard (CPU + GPU + RAM) having a watercooling loop, 2 graphic cards, 5 hard drives and at one time around 12 LED fans running too.
I swapped it out because of the special offer I stumbled across on the CoolerMaster and put the Corsair in my old rig to replace the old 350W that was in there. Without the offer I found on the other, It would still be in my sig rig.

Level 12
I got the corsair AX860i, what is plenty for me, 1200 is more than what i needed didnt wanted to go overkill and i got a good deal on the 860i

Level 7
Here is a good one to consider...70 dollars off plus a 30 dollar rebate.And it has solid reviews.

XFX makes some great power supplies too. (They use seasonic)
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Level 7
Nearly all of the corsair and coolermaster power supplies are top notch. If your looking to determine how hefty of a PSU your rig requires try using this online PSU calculator: . And Detleg is right, although the AX1200 and the AX1200i are corsair's flagship PSUs they are overkill for a majority of systems, even ones made for gaming.

Level 16
Seasonic X1250W! :cool:

Level 10
Seasonic Platinum and Corsiar AX1200i are you best bet for the best ones out there, and if im not wrong Seasonic palm off their PSU's to Corsair so you will be getting the best quality for a PSU..

In my current rig i got a Seasonic XP-1000 80+ Platinum but my next rig will have a 1200i by Corsair 🙂
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