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Xg248q aura sync

I have xg248q monitor and it is supposed to be aura sync compatible. I have aura sync turned on for the monitor settings itself. But it won’t show up in aura sync. monitor appear at aura creator but not in armoury crate

Deen_ by Level 7
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D.O.A Laptop?

Just collected my ASUS Strix 733 laptop, came brand new and sealed, plugged it in and hit the power button, hardware powers up and RGB lights and fans fire up but the screen stays black, all 3 LED’s 2 white and one orange light up and stay on. Looks ...

1080TI ROG Strix PCIE cables

CPU-I7-7700kGPU - ASUS 1080TI ROG Strix OCPSU - SeaSonic PRIME Titanium 850 W 80+Can anyone please tell me for certain if these are the correct cables to use? I am concerned because there are 2 pins missing metal connectors on each of the 8 pin cable...

pidgey by Level 7
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P9X79 WS/IPMI & P9X79 WS (not IPMI)

Hi everyone!Firstly, English isn't my first language. I'll try do to my best.I have a motherboard. This is a old P9X79 WS/IPMI.I never understood why ASUS didn't provide any support for this model but the P9X79 WS yes.P9X79 WS support: https://www.as...

74506 74505
jogizy by Level 7
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Replacing thermal pad on M.2 SSD

I'm concerned about how to safely remove the thermal pad when upgrading to a larger SSD. I don't see how to release the old M.2 SSD from the pad since the pad is adhered to the MB. Can't peal it off while the M.2 module is stuck to the MB by the th...

ASUS RYUJIN 360 Fan Issus

Hello There,i bought a Asus RYUGIN 360 Watercooling System, running on my Windows 10 x64 System with a ASUS ROG Maximus XII Hero (Wifi), a ROG STRIX RTX3060 and a Intel i9-10850K with 64GB Ram from Corsair.I now have the following issues:1. What Dire...

POST Error - 'Test CMOS'

I bought a new PC from PC Specialist (PCS) end of last year and in Jan this year it decided to brick itself.Upon boot I get a post message saying ' Test CMOS'.I have posted a message on PCS asking for advice, but have hit a brick wall in what to do. ...